Who are you and what is your background ? 
My name is Alix, I'm 26 years old. After hotel school, I quickly turned to cocktail bars. At the end of my apprenticeship at La Résistance, I took over the management of this bar in the heart of the Marais. After 3 years there, I felt like changing environment and here I am at Maison Mère!

What is your role at Maison Mère / Nectar ?  
I am the head barmaid at Nectar. I am in charge of creating the cocktail menu and choosing the spirits. I also provide assistance and recommendations to our customers, I love to make personalised cocktails for each customer I receive. 

What seduced you in this project ? 
I was immediately won over by the friendliness of the whole team. At Nectar, I have the chance to have carte blanche when it comes to creating my cocktails, which was essential for me and allows me complete freedom.

What are the hallmarks of your mixology? What are your inspirations ? 
I like to make cocktails that are a bit culinary, I am mainly inspired by what I like to eat and what is done in great restaurants. If a combination of flavours works in the kitchen, it's bound to work in a cocktail. I like to make cocktails that confuse, I look for originality while respecting seasonality as much as possible. 

As a bar manager, what do you love most about your job ?
I have worked in luxury hotels and in neighbourhood bars. I am very close to my customers, the bar is a meeting place and a place to listen. Creativity is very present in my job, it's what allows me to have fun!

What are the 2 best places you would recommend to a friend to visit in Paris? 
I would recommend a good restaurant. My current favourite is Jaja, located on rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, it offers seasonal cuisine and the service is very attentive.
I also have a great address for lunch, it's my canteen in Belleville! It's called Paloma, the chef offers a unique menu every day for only 16€, fresh produce and culinary discoveries guaranteed!

And the 2 best bars to go to?
The choice is difficult, there are plenty of great cocktail bars in Paris. My current favourites are SherryButt and Gravity. 

What is your definition of a House ? 
A house is a comforting place where you are surrounded by the people you love. 

What is the dish that makes you feel home ?
Without any hesitation: the Daiquiri!