Who are you ? Tell us about your experience !

I am Camille, a mom, Parisian and unconditional fan of the hotel industry. After graduating from studies in the business of tourism and hospitality, I joined the ranks of a Parisian palace and never left the sector. As a child, I dreamt of discovering life in the islands, so over the years I laid down my hat in Bora Bora, Hawaii and Saint-Barthelemy. After these long sunbathes, my geographical heart called me back home, in Paris. I have been an operator, a receptionist, booking agent, housekeeper and governess.


What is your role at Maison Mère ? 

I am the General Governess of Maison Mère but the title of “House Mistress” is more suitable to this peculiar establishment. Surrounded by my team, I handle the arrangement, the daily cleaning and the long-term maintenance. I ensure that everything in the House is neat and clean, in good condition, in the right place and in adequation.


What seduced you in the project of Maison Mère ? 

The fizzy energy. Looking at the pictures made me think of a fluttering sensation, like that given by champagne. As champagne, the hotel conveys an atmosphere of festivity, of life celebration, of something suitable to many occasions but which stays a product of unshakable quality. The choices of interior decoration are audacious but at the same time, make you want to take off your shoes. The decoration is different from one room to another, which makes you want to run through all of them to discover hidden treasures.

But what sealed my enthusiasm for the project was my meeting with the founder, Aziz Temimi, who is fully inhabited by this project and has given life to it. By his passion and profoundly human approach, he made me want to jump with both feet into the adventure of Maison Mère.


After practicing several jobs of the hotel industry, you have adopted housekeeping : why ? What do you enjoy the most in your job ?

It is when working as a housekeeper that I felt closest to the heart of the hotel industry. The room is a centerpiece of the customer’s experience at the hotel.

The other important factor in my choice is my personal attachment to the housekeeping teams. Their work is careful and multi-faceted. Many only see the tip of the iceberg.

I love running the team by reminding them every day of their importance within the hotel. Making my collaborators understand that they are a major part of the service offered by the hotel is a challenge which brings me a high reward : the rooms become more beautiful and perfect in accordance with the trust which the collaborators place in their mission.


According to you, how does the housekeeping service contribute to making Maison Mère a hotel of a new kind, where everyone feels at home ?

As the manager of the housekeeping team, one of my main objectives is to bring its fantastic members out of the shadow. At Maison Mère, these members are present and engaging in their interactions with the clients, on the same level as the receptionist or the waiters.

I think that the excessive discretion of the housekeepers widens their distance with the hotel customers, when this distance should not exist. The goal is precisely to make them forget that they are at the hotel. At Maison Mère, the point is to bet on the meeting between two humans who exchange and share, rather than on the classical client/employee relationship. Our clients will be surrounded by a team present to pamper and spoil them, a team that is interested and interesting, who gives as much as it receives according to the desire expressed by the client at any given moment.


How would you describe the team of Maison Mère ? 

They are persons from very different horizons who have been thoroughly chosen by our founder. For each of them, the project Maison Mère creates a true resonance. Every reunion raises a strong interest and every member has sparkling eyes when they express their ideas to bring the hotel to life. Everybody listens to one another, supports and gives advice. This small world vibrates like a beehive which queen is Maison Mère.


Which addresses would you recommend to someone visiting Paris? 

“Chez Paul”, located on Lappe Street in Bastille. The neighbourhood is lively and vibrant. In this traditional bistrot, everything is homemade and tastes good, it’s noisy and joyful.

And the Jardin des Plantes in the 5th arrondissement, with its magnificent gardens, the Paleontology Gallery filled with dinosaur skeletons, and the Grand Gallery of Evolution hosting a permanent and temporary exhibitions which are always so interesting.


What is your definition of a House?

To me, concretely,  a house is the place where I feel like taking off my shoes, like slouching, pampering myself and eating way too much. Figuratively, it is a peace haven, a place where there is no judgment but only kindness and tranquillity.


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