Who are you ? Tell us about your experience !

My name is Hadrien, I’ve been a travel lover since I was a child. I've always been passionate about hotels and even more about cooking and restaurants. I chose to study in the management of hotels and focused it on gastronomy and catering. Manager F&B in California, commercial in event caterer and in charge of a bistro and a brasserie in Paris.


What is your role at Maison Mère ? 

I’m the Food & Beverage Manager: It means that I'm responsible for the catering and the bar of the hotel. In this particular context of opening, I’m in charge of the conception of the entire catering’s offer, creating the brand Hey Honey, the restaurant of Maison Mère. Also, I lead the process of recruiting the key jobs (The chef, head  bartender). Moreover, a big part of my job is to source products, and create an event calendar for our hotel. 


What seduced you in the project of Maison Mère ? 

The best part was to create the offer. Teamworking was awesome because everyone could bring new ideas to the designing of this project. It is a huge challenge! 


Why did you choose to work in the catering sector ? What do you like the most in your work ? What are the biggest challenges in your work ?

I’m passionate about cooking, wines but most of all I love to share my passion: catering is a work that really needs to be shared with customers. What I like the most is to help clients to discover new flavors in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The main challenge is that we have high standards. We work in a team in order to keep it at the same level to make our customers happy. 


In your opinion, how does the F&B Manager contribute to making Maison Mère both a hotel of a new kind but also a festive meeting place where everyone feels at home?

The atmosphere and concept of Hey Honey gonna change through the day: A cocooning and refreshing morning to a dancing and crazy night, during the day all the travelers, craftsmen, workers and people of the neighborhood can meet, talk and get to know each other. The F&B of Maison Mère will not just be a restaurant or a bar but a place for exchanges, meets and events. A Parisian hotspot, warm and authentic. 


How would you describe the team of Maison Mère ? 

Young, dynamic, warm, cohesion. From different horizons and professional careers, our strength is to have multiple visions of what we want for Maison Mere. It brings new ideas and pushes us to be creative for so many things. 


Give us two addresses that you would recommend to a friend visiting Paris? And the two best restaurants where you like to eat?

- Musée Jacquemart André: Intimate mansion with a hidden backyard, one of the most charming museums of Paris.

- Odéon -  St Germain des Prés neighborhood: The most authentic Parisian district for me. You can see there historical brasseries like procope or café de flore who were the rendezvous of famous french writers and thinkers.  

Two best restaurants : 

- Racines des Prés (at the counter in front of the chef!): A well-thinking bistronomy with accessible menus for lunch and welcoming waiters.

- A bouillon, for the authentic Parisian brasserie: Le bouillon Julien


What is your definition of a House?

Above all, it’s a place where people live and exchange and it doesn't have to be so well organized, that's what gives it its soul! The concept of a house is to be warm and authentic where we like to gather with family and friends. It’s also a cocooning place that’s perfect to have fun or rest freely without any judgments!


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