Who are you ? Tell us about your experience !

My name is Mateo Latorre, I am colombian-French and I’ve been living in Paris for almost six years. My journey starts at l’Ecole de Paris, where I did my culinary studies. During the past years I’ve had the chance to work for renowned chefs such as Gaston Acurio, but also for french master restaurateurs such as Jean Christian Dumonet. I therefore have an experience that goes from traditional brasseries to high cuisine restaurants. 


What is your role at Maison Mère ? 

As the hotel’s Sous-Chef, my job is to second Chef Santiago managing the Brigade, to actively participate in the creation of the menu, in the cost control and HACCP controls and, when the Chef isn’t present, my job is to lead the cuisine of the hotel. 


What seduced you in the project of Maison Mère ? 

What attracts me to the Maison Mère project is the innovative and ambitious concept, with a different approach to hospitality and restoration. The creative and human side is also very important to me, but especially the challenge of opening a restaurant. 


As a chef, what do you the like most about your job?

What I like the most in my job is the contact with the product and with the providers, proud of their experience and craftsmanship.    


Who is the Chef who inspired you in your journey as a cook? What are your culinary inspirations?

The Chef that inspired me the most in my career was Ferran Adria. The Chef that dared to evolve spanish gastronomy with new techniques but without forgetting tradition and local product. What’s more, he has that crazy ambitious side that leads him to become one of the world’s greatest chefs. 
My culinary inspirations are fusion cuisine and grandmother's cuisine. I can relate to those styles because of my double nationality, which exposed me to different culinary identities; but also thanks to my grand-mother, who cooks typical french dishes with colombian products that result in joyful and tasty meals. 


How would you describe the team of Maison Mère ? 

Maison Mère’s team is a young, dynamic and ambitious family, but also a team of people that excel in their respective domains with joy and good mood.


Give us two addresses that you would recommend to a friend visiting Paris? And the two best restaurants where you like to eat?

When visiting Paris, I would recommend the quartier latin, a thrilling neighborhood filled with small bistros and art galleries, but also located near Notre Dame de Paris, one of the most emblematic monuments in the city.  For the night creatures, I would recommend the jussieu docks during summer, where people dance and enjoy the music. 

It’s complicated to choose only two places among all to eat in Paris. But if i have to pick : 

  • I recommend Flocon, by Josselin Flocon, a nice parisian bistro in Mouffetard street with fresh and seasonal products paired with a very interesting natural wine menu. 
  • I also strongly recommend Selva, a peruvian restaurant with tasty meals, exceptional ceviches and a great cocktails menu. 


What is your definition of a House?

For me a house is the place where you meet friends and family, to share and to feel comfortable around a good drink and some good company. 


Which dish makes you feel at home?
The dish that feels like home is the ajiaco, traditional colombian soup that my mother and grandmother cook for me and that I can’t resist whenever I go back to Colombia. 

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