10 activities to enjoy fall in Paris
even when the rain pours down !

Every fall, Paris becomes a whirl of colours and activities. Cultural, gastronomic and fun experiences escort the season of hot chocolates and fallen leaves. Discover the best activities to enjoy your fall in Paris, even when the rain pours down !

10 activities to enjoy fall in Paris ©10 activities to enjoy fall in Paris

For foodies and party-goers

1) Celebrate the Grape Harvest Fair of Montmartre

Every second weekend of October since 1934, the Grape Harvest Fair celebrates the arrival of wine batches born out of the vineyard of the Clos Montmartre grown since the Middle Ages. 

For the occasion, the Town Hall of the 18th arrondissement gathers many local actors and invites the public to visits, workshops, parades, fireworks and other festivities.


2) Stroll around markets to taste the seasonal products

French cuisine follows the rhythm of nature. In the fall, market stalls cover in cabbages, squashes, mushrooms and other delights.

Close to Maison Mère, the Marché d’Anvers takes place every Friday afternoon in Place d’Anvers. The organic fruits and vegetables flirt with the wines, cheeses, warm pastries and even warmer smiles of the merchants.


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Maison Mère - Fall in Paris - art ©Maison Mère - Fall in Paris - art

For art lovers

3) Venture into the new exhibitions

Throughout the fall in Paris, the tree leaves die but not the artistic life : exhibitions blossom in all corners of the city. 

Start October with the Nuit Blanche, a popular and cultural event centered on the free access to many museums and on the exhibition of art pieces and artistic performances in public spaces. 

Consult the programs of major museums like the Gaîté-Lyrique, the Grand Palais or the Louis Vuitton Foundation. The exhibitions of foreign cultural institutes like the Swedish Institute in the Marais or the House of Japan on Quai Branly are also worth a visit.


4) Follow the nomadic Fall Festival

Every year from September to December, the Fall Festival organizes some fifty contemporary performances throughout more than 40 emblematic places of the French capital. Music, cinema, dance, theatre, there is something for every taste ! 

Take the opportunity to discover one of the many theatres of the 9th arrondissement, like the Folies Bergères or the Théâtre Mogador.


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Maison Mère - Fall in Paris - families ©Maison Mère - Fall in Paris - families

For families

5) Fall back into childhood in the Parisian parks

Between the summery water fights and the making of snowmen, take the time to savour this very autumnal activity : racing through the fallen leaves… or peacefully walking through the gardens of Paris.

At the foot of Maison Mère, the Square Montholon puts on shimmering shades.

Within a half hour’s walk, the Tuileries Garden is probably the most changing through the seasons, thanks to the variety of vegetal and animal species allowed by its large area. In the fall, the ground is covered with chestnuts and the naked trees clear the view from the Louvre to the Place de la Concorde.


6) Pamper the whole family with a fun activity

Rain, hail or shine, children require occupation. Thankfully, Paris never fails to offer that. 

Embark on journeys that will please the youngest. For instance, the tour around the most beautiful carousels of Paris.

During the holidays, the Town Hall of Paris organizes “Sports and Culture” courses with flexible formulas. Other agencies offer playful visits around major monuments like the Opera Garnier or less known places like the Police Museum.


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Maison Mère - Fall in Paris - rain ©Maison Mère - Fall in Paris - rain

For rainy weather

7) Treat yourself to a good movie at the cinema

Rain generally looks better on screen than in real life, in a thrilling love or action scene. Will you choose a comedy at the Grand Rex or the projection of a rare movie at the Max Linder Panorama, in Paris 9 ?

In Montmartre, the Studio 28 is one of our favourite cinemas at Maison Mère. However, if you’d better stay in bed, discover our selection of the best movies to visit Paris from home (link).


8) Discover the perfect museums for rainy days

Some museums of Paris have a peculiar atmosphere when rain batters the windows.

Among them, the Museum of Romantic life where we still feel the cosy intimacy of Ary Scheffer’s painting studio. 

Nearby, the Gustave Moreau Museum will immerse you out of time and bad weather with its splendid curved staircase and the presentation of the artist’s approach from the preparatory sketches to his masterpieces.


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Maison Mère - Fall in Paris - hey honey ©Maison Mère - Fall in Paris - hey honey

Around Maison Mère

9) Discover the authentic side of Paris 9

Village Montholon vibrates all year long. The interactive city guide by Maison Mère leads you through this authentic and lively district of Paris where you can meet passionate artisans and merchants.

Stop by Olivier’s flower shop to admire the autumnal varieties growing in France, or visit our neighbour Stéphane, the jeweller, who will tell you all about the surroundings.


10) Warm up around a delicious breakfast or a greedy snack at Maison Mère

Maison Mère offers food around the clock : the dining room evolves throughout the day and adapts to the wishes of our guests. From breakfast to snack time, the tasty menu features very local flavors to surprise your senses.

In the evening, succumb to the Aperitivo Hour at Hey Honey around a cocktail and tasting plate formula, before shamelessly loosening up all night.


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