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CSR Policy

Sustainable, Responsible, Environmental

At Maison Mère, we are implementing a strategy of continuous improvement in social and environmental responsibility (SER). This strategy is designed to be practical, effective and humane, in line with our convictions.

This strategy revolves around 3 areas of commitment:

  • Preservation of the environment
  • Well-being of our guests
  • Social responsibility


Maison Mère fosters community spirit at work by developing a shared corporate culture, with a young team that is aware of the challenges of tomorrow's world. By bringing people together around shared values, we are constantly working to improve life in the workplace. Convinced that great ideas come from everyone, our young people are putting their talents to good use to bring about positive change in the hospitality sector.

Together, let's move the hotel industry forward in a sustainable way.

Sustainable & Responsible economic development

Restaurant - Nectar - In order to limit the impact of the restaurant and its kitchen on climate change, the menus offered in the restaurant are adapted to the season, which enables sustainable and responsible sourcing both in terms of production and the purchase of the necessary foodstuffs. 100% of the products used and offered to customers are seasonal and - wherever possible - organic and French.

Social responsibility - The waste produced in the rooms is recycled thanks to various partnerships with charitable organisations. Solid soaps are collected and recycled by UniSoap, and coffee capsules are collected by La Poste during its daily rounds for recycling by Nespresso. Used hospitality products (liquids) are collected by Hôtels Solidaires for redistribution to a network of partner associations with a view to reducing waste.

With a view to long-term sustainability, we are aware that our approach must be a collective one, involving customers as well as internal and external stakeholders.
We give customers a sense of responsibility by letting them choose whether or not to go back to bed or change their sheets/towels.

Maison Mère favours local suppliers of products and services and contributes to their development. Daily purchases such as bread and flowers are made from our neighbouring partners, less than 10 minutes' walk from the establishment, to reduce our carbon footprint by avoiding a daily delivery journey and to keep the neighbourhood alive. We forge links with our neighbours and recommend to our customers options within walking distance for all their needs whenever possible: bar, restaurant, dry cleaners, bakery, patisserie, etc.

When it comes to decorating, the hotel has adopted a sustainable and local approach, working mainly with Parisian suppliers for the furnishings. Decorative objects are sourced from various partnerships with local artists or from auctions. As well as showcasing the city and its key players, Maison Mère offers guests a modern, designer interior sourced from second-hand shops: a new way of shopping.


Reducing our environmental impact

Employees are made aware of the hotel's environmental impact through regular reports on energy consumption, waste emissions and water use.

Waste management :
The teams ensure that waste is sorted according to local standards in the areas reserved for them and in the common areas. Department heads undertake to comply with the sustainable purchasing policy before placing any orders, in order to limit packaging and waste. Reuse, recycling and composting are promoted and encouraged wherever possible.
In rooms, two-compartment bins are available for selective sorting according to specific instructions.

Department heads ensure that sorting practices are respected. Regular assessments are carried out by CSR managers and heads of department with a view to improving sorting processes, sorting performance indicators are distributed (at least annually) to teams and appropriate containers are placed around the establishment with precise instructions.

As part of an initiative to combat food waste and recover bio-waste, a collection system has been set up in partnership with Les Alchimistes. Estimates of the volume of waste produced and the associated costs are shared with the teams on a regular basis, and targets are set to optimise these indicators.

Water management :
Eco-labelled products are favoured for hotel maintenance in order to limit the discharge of chemical substances into waste water. The laundry service is environmentally friendly and familiar with sustainable practices.
In their rooms, guests are made aware of the importance of saving this resource, in particular by explaining simple gestures such as not washing sheets and towels systematically, giving preference to showers rather than baths, etc.

Dry cleaning is preferred, using microfibre cloths to limit the use of water.

Electricity management :
Thoughtful, energy-saving lighting scenarios have been implemented for all common areas and the façade, with the aim of saving money and optimising the allocation of resources.

Future investments linked to energy supply - or having a significant impact on the hotel's electricity consumption - follow the sustainable purchasing policy and are part of a responsible approach. Energy-saving and/or low-consumption equipment is favoured and teams are trained in the use of ecological/economical programmes when available.

The hotel is equipped with low-energy light bulbs and thermostats to reduce energy consumption. The building's energy performance is optimised in particular by the installation of a system for controlling heating/air conditioning and in-room lighting. In addition, most communal areas are equipped with motion detectors.

Promoting Sustainability

All employees are trained in environmental issues, sustainable development objectives and the establishment's social and environmental ambitions as soon as they join the company. Employees act as ambassadors for the sustainable policy and promote responsible approaches to customers. Education and support are at the heart of our practices, to encourage our customers to follow in our footsteps, thanks to signposting on our website and within the establishment.

To encourage the dissemination of the CSR culture at Maison Mère, the team in charge of the project is taking steps to disseminate the strategy and unite employees. Internal communication is given pride of place as a means of communicating results, performance and new challenges.

Single-use packaging is avoided wherever possible, even if the cost is higher: all products with this type of packaging are put out to tender and substitutes are studied to replace them in the medium term.

Our cleaning products respect the environment and the health of our employees. Our floors and surfaces are also cleaned in an environmentally-friendly way, using non-phytosanitary products.

The work is organised to make tasks as painless as possible.

Work organisation: distribution of linen in the pantries to reduce travel, management of the clean/dirty linen circuit, software linked to the PMS (RoomChecking) which reduces stress and improves productivity.

Tools and equipment: adapted trolleys and bins, light hoovers, telescopic handles, linen in pantries (steps available), etc.
Good training in gestures and postures

Well-being at work: training courses are organised throughout the year to enable all employees to improve their skills. Team spirit is fostered by quarterly team outings organised by management for all employees.

Training: all employees receive specific support at the start of their contract. A training programme is available with individual access and a detailed schedule. The first week of the contract is dedicated to crosstrainings, to improve overall knowledge of the hotel. This week ends with a Test Night and Dinner at the hotel and restaurant.

Green Key Label

Demonstrates our environmental commitment


Present on five continents, the Clef Verte tourism ecolabel is the leading international sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodation and restaurants.

It certifies that the environmental approach of the tourist accommodation or restaurant meets over a hundred criteria in all areas of sustainable tourism management. These criteria enable establishments to reduce their environmental impact and make a commitment to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

We are proud to be one of the 1564 establishments in France to have been awarded the label since 2024.


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