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Culinary experience - Creative immersion – By a collective of passionates

Welcome to Nectar
A gastronomic refuge, effervescent and uninhibited

Discover Nectar where expertise and creativity meet to bring you a creative culinary journey, offering a polysensory, rebellious and contemporary experience, created by a collective of passionates. 

The Nectar collective firmly believes that culinary art should be a celebration, offering guests a moment of discovery and experimentation. We believe that every single taste should be a sensory experience, so we dedicate ourselves to creating an aromatic experience and an explosion of flavours on every plate. 

Maison Mère - Nectar Restaurant & Bar
Maison Mère - Nectar Restaurant & Bar
Maison Mère - Nectar Restaurant & Bar
Maison Mère - Nectar Restaurant & Bar
Maison Mère - Nectar Restaurant & Bar
Maison Mère - Nectar Restaurant & Bar


Creative menus around a bucolic walk

Nectar, like Maison Mère, is a culinary garden, a space of expression that renews itself to the rhythm of the seasons. Immerse yourself in the world of the Apis and Pollen menus, a symphony in several acts, where seasonal ingredients are the main characters.

This new creation by our Chef Aurélien Lasjuilliarias is a culinary adventure takes you on a delightful journey through wooded and rural villages, offering a diverse range of flavors to explore. At each stage of this culinary excursion, you'll find creative and powerful taste, showcasing prepared with authentic ingredients from garden and forest, such as porcini mushrooms, squash, chestnuts, and game. Our Chef Aurélien Lasjuilliarias invites you to celebrate autumn’s arrival and its culinary treasures, making this a truly french gastronomic dining experience. 

Restaurant Nectar
Restaurant Nectar

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Nectar the bar


Originals Cocktails 
Mixology that mixes the whole of Paris

Under the red neon, our bartenders skilfully dance the multicoloured nectars. A show that brings together Parisian epicureans and world travellers around the izakaya-style counter every evening. 

Discover original, creative and daring recipes!



A convivial moment at the bar  

From 6pm, enjoy our tempting Spring dishes and cocktails at the Nectar bar. Enjoy seasonal flavours and culinary creativity. 

La crème de la crème !

Gustave et Rosalie
Cheating boredom, without Gustave

The Gustave et Rosalie team came to eat the tasting menu of our thematic menu around the Indian summer. A culinary journey in 5 steps, marked by unusual flavors and aesthetic plates: "You let yourself be carried away by the surprise tasting menu of the chef Aurélien Lasjuilliarias, a stroll full of audacity in 5 steps, from the vegetable to the sea and from the carnivorous to the sweet, just the right tastes with just the right amount of originality." Discover Gustave and Rosalie's article about Nectar!

Maison Mère - Nectar

Le Bonbon

Sharing plates washed down with cocktails at Nectar

Chef Aurélien Lasjuilliarias has been at the helm since September and offers a virtuous cuisine that is not lacking in audacity! Unexpected seasonings, surprising condiments... 

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Maison Mère - Nectar


Around the milk of Nectar, from the Maison Mère hotel
Beneath crisp, acidic Greek yogurt tiles, this fragile edifice floors a light shortbread, an astonishing - but no less addictive - fermented yeast ice cream (custom-made by Enzo et Lily, heir to the Berthillon know-how) and a vanilla cream topped with an immaculate scum.

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Maison Mère - Nectar

Fine dining lovers

7 hotel restaurants to discover in Paris
Located in an alleyway a few steps from Montholon Square, the Maison Mère hotel hosts a friendly and pleasant table, Nectar, where regulars of the neighborhood come back and sit next to travelers passing through Paris, in an intimate and hushed atmosphere.

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Maison Mère - Nectar

Villa Schweppes 

Nectar: the restaurant and cocktail bar for epicureans
Whatever your mood, the atmosphere has enough energy to put you at ease, thanks to a romantic light that provides exclusivity and intimacy whether you are sitting at the bar or at a table in the restaurant. You'll be immersed in a space with wood or royal navy blue upholstery, while the corner of the bar is defined by a dominance of red thanks to a light frame projecting the graphic and hypnotic emblem of a bee.

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Maison Mère - Nectar

Sortir à Paris
Nectar, bistronomic plates and chimeric cocktails in the hotel Maison Mère

The restaurant offers harmonious and colorful cocktails, with names evocative of travel, as well as a virtuous and zero waste seasonal cuisine, prepared by Chef Aurélien Lasjuilliarias.

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Maison Mère - Nectar

The "Pharmakos" cocktail with CBD, the recipe of Marvin Landro, head bartender at Nectar's

BEAUTIFUL & GOOD. How about taking advantage of the Easter weekend to relax a little? Here is a cocktail to prepare slowly and to consume without excess to recover, who knows, from a long Sunday in family.

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Maison Mère - Nectar

Contact us for all your events, seminars or private parties

Would you like to enjoy our unique and intimate restaurant space to organise one of your events? Contact us to privatise Nectar for your corporate seminars or private parties in Paris. Our teams are at your disposal for the privatization of the restaurant & cocktail bar. 

50 seats in the restaurant - 70 people in the cocktail bar format

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