5 art galleries
to visit in the 9e arrondissement of Paris

The current sanitary crisis finally allows the opening of cultural places in Paris. The 9th district is full of various galleries. Here is our selection of galleries to enjoy an afternoon of stroll in the 9th. 

5 art galleries ©5 art galleries

mix between urban & contemporary.  

COHLE GALLERY is an urban and contemporary art gallery located in the center of Pigalle. You can find there : paintings, sculptures and other artistic objects. This is the place to go if you want to discover contemporary art through their temporary exhibitions. 

Address : 17 Rue Victor Massé, 75009 Paris


Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris ©Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris

2. Galerie du 9eme art, 
enter the world of comics and illustrations. 

This charming gallery in the heart of Montmartre, invites you to discover the world of comics. The Galerie du 9eme art is specialized in illustrations and original comic strips since the end of the 90s. It's the perfect activity for a family outing.

Address : 4 Rue Crétet, 75009 Paris

3. Galerie Estampes, 
a place out of time. 

The Estampes gallery is dedicated to engravings, lithographs, watercolors, drawings and old books dating from the 17th to the 19th century. Atypical and authentic, it's an ideal visit to take a break from everyday life. 

Address : 48 Rue la Fayette, 75009 Paris

©Galerie du 9eme art

Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French ©Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French

4. Wilo & Grove, 
artistic loft. 

Wilo & Grove is an arty showroom like no other. Fanny and Olivia's idea is simple: "prouve that art can be beautiful without being inaccessible, inspiring without being super conceptual and selective without being exclusive"  Learn more about the Wilo Grove gallery concept in the interview of Fanny and Olvia.

Address : 22 Rue Louise-Émilie de la Tour d'Auvergne, 75009 Paris

5. Galerie Vu, 
temple of contemporary photography.

Initially based in the Marais, the Galerie VU' made its quarters in the authentic Paul Delaroche private hotel in the 9th arrondissement. It’s a perfect combination between a photographers' agency and a gallery dedicated to contemporary photography. Galerie VU' exhibits well-known artists with intimist, autobiographical or conceptual approaches. 

Address : 58 Rue Saint-Lazare, 75009 Paris


Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French ©Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French

Maison mère, 
a creative hotbed and territory of expression.

Throughout the seasons and in accordance with its discoveries, the Maison transforms, dresses and undresses, and offers a haven to artists from here and elsewhere who, like the Maison, love to tell great stories.

Discover the Shoebox, it's our artiest room. Designed by local artists, this is the dream cocoon to stay for all art-loving strollers.