7 tips to stay connected while travelling

When traveling, a good Internet connexion has become an essential for both fun and necessities : booking a hotel, tracking expenditures, real-time sharing on social networksMaison Mère provides 7 tips for a comfortably connected trip.

7 tips to stay connected while travelling ©7 tips to stay connected while travelling

1- If you are a frequent traveller, compare various operator services to find the adequate subscription.

To compare services, you may want access to the Internet… and thus to do it before leaving. Set your criteria according to your needs. For example, remember that Internet gigabytes allow you to use WhatsApp instead of text messages. Look at the prices but also at the data volumes and the number of countries included in the offer.


2- Buy a local SIM card ​

If the destination of your trip is not included in your operator service, the best solution remains to buy a prepaid SIM card. Prefer the operators with the best network coverage (oftentimes, they are the country’s historical operators). You can find these SIM cards at the airport. Ensure to address the official shops in order to pay the fair price.


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Maison Mère - Tips to stay connected while travelling ©Maison Mère - Tips to stay connected while travelling

3- Avoid the trap of unwanted data services

To get an idea of the gigabyte volume that you need, consult your phone settings : they indicate your average consumption of data. Before stepping on the plane or crossing a border, turn off data roaming. Turn it back on once you reached your destination, fitted with a local subscription. This small operation will save you the costly mistake of additional use.


4- Invest in a mobile broadband device

If no WiFi network is available nearby, it is handy to possess a mobile broadband service. This portable container equipped with a SIM card allows you to connect wherever you are, on all kind of devices. It is the perfect solution if you are travelling with friends or a small group because it can be simultaneously connected to several devices. Hence, it allows you to divide the budget.


Maison Mère - Tips to stay connected while travelling ©Maison Mère - Tips to stay connected while travelling

5- Surf along the trend of coworking spaces

To work efficiently or find inspiration in a habit-breaking setting, check out the coworking spaces and the coffee shops offering free WiFi. Inherited from the older version of cyber cafes,  they are an excellent pretext to discover new town areas and to meet people, both local and tourists. Paris offers an amazing choice to experiment a range of atmospheres. The article you are currently reading was precisely written in one of those coffee shops.


6- Take advantages of transit spaces : train stations, airports… (even aboard the plane)

While waiting for your departure, you can accept the general terms and conditions granting you access to the network of the airport or train station. Some companies even offer WiFi onboard. Outside such spaces, if you get lost, the smartphone application WiFi Map can geolocate (without an Internet connexion, that is the purpose) the closest access points, everywhere in the world. Be cautious though in public spaces, where some fake networks appear only to get your personal information.


Maison Mère - Tips to stay connected while travelling ©Maison Mère - Tips to stay connected while travelling

7- A factor in your choice of hotel

Your hotel is the perfect place to relax while enjoying a foolproof WiFi.

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