Can you tell us a little about your career? How was your passion for illustration born?

It began when I was quite small. At just 4 or 5 years old, I asked my mother if I could learn drawing. The outcome was I took classes at an old lady's house and became immersed in her technique and experience. Then, for 9 years, I took courses at the École des Beaux-Arts in Troyes, a renowned fine arts school that offered all the resources I needed to work and progress.

I did not have any training in applied arts but entered a business school. I totally stopped drawing for 4 to 5 years and worked in the luxury and finance marketing sector... This resulted in my living for 1 year in London and 4 years in New York. And that's when I revived my interest in art by working on illustrations, paintings and other creative projects such as ink drawings.

At that time, I was working for a start-up in the organic cosmetics field that trusted me and gave me carte blanche in all its communications and artistic direction. I learned to use software and digitise my drawings.

I then returned to Paris and, after working in advertising, I set up as a freelancer. My first client, Lulu dans la Rue, launched my career as an illustrator 4 years ago.


What attracted you to the Maison Mère project?

I had worked with Aziz in the past and enjoyed our collaboration. When he introduced me to the project, I was immediately excited and engaged by its various aspects, such as searching for a name and concept, creating its graphic design universe, decorating and working in collaboration with other creatives... And there’s many more challenges still to come.

The prospect of working in a dream team appealed to me, too. I often work alone on projects and being surrounded by other professionals who specialise in different sectors of communication is very rewarding and exciting.


How would you define the graphic design universe that you conceived for Maison Mère?

I came up with the logo in 48 hours, having in mind very graphic, very colourful art deco inspirations and the idea of ​​a brand emblem.

The result is the project’s graphic charter, which has the feel of the innovative and forward-thinking Bauhaus graphic design and architecture movement of the 1920s, combined with an illustrative line that brings out a playful side.

It’s a very complete concept that is unique and will evolve along with the project. The beautiful is subjective but the elegance is timeless, and this is the goal I wanted to achieve.


What are your inspirations both as an artist and as a contributor to this project?

Picasso is probably the person who inspires me the most. Painter, illustrator, sculptor, engraver... He was a complete artist who did a lot of very varied things. He was not afraid of losing his creative identity, wherever his desires and intuitions led him. What he taught me is never to be afraid when creating. A quote from him that I like a lot: "It took me a lifetime to draw like a child."


Would you like to share with us some of your favourite things; your artistic or artisanal discoveries of the moment?

Eliott Forest is a designer with whom I had the pleasure of setting up camp in the desert for "Africa Burn 2019". He was our master builder and was able to create a camp for 50 people as well as a play in an arid and hostile desert with wooden planks and his drill. I am impressed by his work.

He is also a scenographer and a companion for various missions, including the editing of the last Chanel show at the Grand Palais. He will work with us to create unique skateboards that will be displayed in the hotel.


To get back to Paris, a city rich in talent and creativity, do you have one or two nuggets to share with us?

I am a big fan of vintage. A small place in the 9th arrondissement that I love is Rosemarket Vintage. It was in this shop that I found the perfect dress for the masquerade of my wedding. I really like going to the kind of small shops that have special and unusual items.

J’ai aussi une amie qui a créé un concept qui s’appelle Dresswing permettant la location de très belles pièces couture (Robes,sacs, chaussures…) entre particuliers. J’ai collaboré avec elle sur une exposition sur le thème de la mode et une série limitée de t-shirts et nous préparons ensemble une nouvelle exposition/concert pour 2020.

I also have a friend who created a concept called DressWing that facilitates the rental of beautiful items (bags, shoes, clothes, etc.) between individuals. I worked with her on a fashion exhibition and a limited series of t-shirts and we are preparing together a new exhibition / concert for 2020.


And finally, how about a little cultural recommendation? What book are you reading right now?

Ravage by René Barjavel! A post-apocalyptic science fiction novel published in the 40s that evokes the future of the time and therefore the daily life of today. And, apart from the flying cars, it's actually rather realistic about the evolution of society. I like to remain optimistic in this world.


Mathilde Brunelet