Art gallery in Paris: the current favorite artists of our parisian hotel

Welcome to Maison Mère, a beautiful house amidst beautiful houses, nestled in the heart of Paris's 9th arrondissement, where the blend of contemporary art and design works to perfection. As you walk by the hotel's corridors, you'll encounter our art gallery. 

Don't forget to explore our exclusive concept store, a real treasure of artistic masterpieces and exclusive collectible items. 

Join us and come explore the artistic world that sets Maison Mère apart as an exceptional and captivating boutique-hotel. 

Art gallery in Paris: the current favorite artists of our parisian hotel ©Art gallery in Paris: the current favorite artists of our parisian hotel

During your stay, you'll have the chance to stroll through the hallways and admire our temporary art gallery, about the theme “Travelling trought the Arts”, featuring several artists. 

You'll encounter Dolcenola, first brand of colorful posters inspired by La Dolce Vita made in France. Dolcenola Studio's mission is to promote the French way of life through her artwork. 

Discover 20 Questions to the World, a creative organization dedicated to promoting social cohesion. They ask the same 20 universal questions to individuals worldwide, from Mongolian nomads to New York businessmen, and then transcribing their responses. Feel free to contribute with your own answer on our 20Q experience! 

Maison Mère ©Maison Mère

Sophie Brice, never without her sketchbook, she weaves lines and shapes together with her passion for architecture, symmetry, and volumes. Each of her drawings extends an invitation to go on a journey, with every details carefully designed to capture the essence of the illustrated city or country. 

Explore the artworks of Romane Sérazin, leading us through a world of vibrant shapes and warm colors. Her illustrations make us dream a little more each day of a more colorful and peaceful world. 

Meet Brian, the founder of The Next Adventure, through his travel pictures on display at Maison Mère. Brian crossed the globe for both business and pleasure, capturing his adventures through these striking images and landscapes. 

Maison Mère ©Maison Mère

Find what you're looking for in our concept store, full of small objects and works of art. 

You'll encounter artists like Les Heures Exquises, renowned for their watercolors, Maison Finou, offering exquisite lingerie, keychains, and fragments of Toits de Paris, as well as L'Indéprimeuse posters, Triptyque boxes, Petit Jean scarves, Cysé, and more. 

Each room is embellished with decorative items and art pieces, including the paintings of Mathilde Brunelet, a French painter and illustrator whose distinctive style enhances every corner of the hotel. 


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