Bertrand Dufour
our treasure hunter

Bertrand Dufour is an antique and second-hand goods dealer, but his conception of his profession goes far beyond such parameters and does away with labels in the same way as our conception of the hotel business at Maison Mère. What connects us? A philosophy and a vision! Here’s a brief portrait of our treasure hunter.

Bertrand Dufour ©Bertrand Dufour

Bertrand Dufour:
‘merchant of chance objects’

At Maison Mère we’re not satisfied with décor items from catalogues or an environment reproduced a thousand times and visible in any hotel in Paris or in countless places all over the world. Maison Mère has an identity, a philosophy, an aesthetic, and values.

Maison Mère - Bertrand Dufour ©Maison Mère - Bertrand Dufour

This is what we wish to convey through our decor and unique objects that tell a real story. The person who looks for such items and entrusts them to us is Bertrand Dufour! A connoisseur and an enthusiast who loves people as much as their artefacts, he’s more than an antique or second-hand dealer; he’s a merchant of chance objects.


Bertrand Dufour's approach
for Maison Mère

Bertrand’s discerning and expert eye immediately identifies the potential of items, knows how to restore them, take care of them and advise us so that they find their place in our Maison Mère. Although he left Paris years ago, he returns regularly to bring us his marvels and add to the treasures of our decor.

Maison Mère - Bertrand Dufour ©Maison Mère - Bertrand Dufour

Of course, you can acquire these objects rich with personality, loaded with anecdotes or steeped in actual history in our concept store.

Bertrand works in collaboration with Mathilde Brunelet, our artistic director, to form a unique cachet for this place. Come and spot their handiwork and perfect taste very soon in the beautiful spaces of our Maison Mère!