Best local markets
around Paris 9

To get deep into french local culture, you definitely need to visit some typical shops and local markets
The 9th arrondissement of Paris is an authentic parisian neighborhood well known for the cultural spots as Montmartre, Folies Bergères theatre, Grand Rex cinéma and nightclub but as well as for many gourmet shops, bars, restaurants. 
Discover all local french markets around nearby Maison Mère hotel

Best local markets ©Best local markets

Anvers local market
the most authentic (Paris 9th)

Located nearby Anvers Square and metro station, twenty exhibitors expose their products to parisians from the neighborhood. You can easily find gourmet and traditional french food as cheese, fruits, veggies, meat, fish, pastries and delicatessen. A nice local market to discover on your way to Montmartre, located on the hill behind. 

Square d’Anvers 
Friday from 3pm to 8:30 pm - Anvers Metro (Line 2) - 8 minutes walk from Maison Mère

Martyrs street local shops, 
the unmissable (Paris 9th)

Emblematic parisian street, Rue des Martyrs is well known for all authentic delicatessen shops, between Lino Ventura place and Saint Lazare street corner. Even if there is no official market spot, many shop owners expose their beautiful products directly on the street. Enjoy all french flavors and smells walking on this lovely street. 

Rue des Martyrs
Everyday - Notre Dame de Lorette Metro (Line 12) - 6 minutes walk from Maison Mère

©Artiom Vallat

Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French ©Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French

Cadet street local shops, 
the most surprising (Paris 9th)

Similar to rue des Martyrs, but more preserved from tourists, rue Cadet is a local and busy street with many food and gastronomy boutiques. Shops owners exposed their wonders directly on the street : meat, fish, grocery store, delicatessen, wine shops, pastries… you can easily shop all french traditional food and enjoy the authentic and local lifestyle. 

Rue Cadet 
From tuesday to saturday- Cadet Metro (Line 7) - 3 minutes walk from Maison Mère

Saint Quentin covered market, 
the most gourmet (Paris 10th)

This big indoor market is located in the iconic halle Saint Quentin. It’s the meeting point of many chef restaurants located in the neighborhood (as our head chef Santiago for Maison Mère restaurant named Hey Honey) who loves to source local and fresh products to imagine their food menu. 
When the government's sanitary laws allowed it, this market also had a food court to enjoy fresh delicatessen food from many market shops : italian food, greek, lebanese, moroccan, portuguese…

Saint Quentin outdoor market
from tuesday to saturday, 8am to 8pm ; sunday 8am to 1:30pm - 85bis boulevard Magenta - Gare de l’Est Metro (Line 4, 5, 7) - 11 minutes walk from Maison Mère

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Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French ©Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French

Barbès local market, 
the most exotic (Paris 18th)

Along La Chapelle boulevard, under the aerial metro line stands every wednesday and saturday Barbès local market, a popular market where you can found on a budget groceries and clothes or furniture sellers. 
This market is the perfect place to take a deep into the multicultural culture of this neighborhood struggling with gentrification. 

Marché Barbès
La Chapelle Metro (Line 2) - Wednesday from 7am to 2:30pm and saturday from 7am to 3pm - 15 minutes walk from Maison Mère

Batignolles local market, 
the most organic (Paris 17th)

This local market is very appreciated by local families from the neighborhood. It proposes 100% organic and seasonal products
Nobody is shouting here, as it’s normally the traditional way to sell your products in a french market, the vibe is convivial and calm. 
You can as well enjoy this market to buy fresh flowers, olive oil soap, organic antipasti from sardinia, cheese or homemade jam… everything is directly from the producer!  

Batignolles organic market
Place de clichy Metro (Lines 2,13) - Saturday from 9am to 3pm

©Catrina Farrell

Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French ©Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French

At Maison Mère & Hey Honey,
fresh and local products 

At Hey Honey, the restaurant & bar of Maison Mère hotel, Chef Santiago sources locally every product, carefully chooses and takes care of all the producers he works with. 
He loves to imagine french fusion fresh & delicious recipes inspired from flavors from all around the world. The menu and sharing plates evolve following seasons and celebrate all our french art de vivre and gastronomy.
Follow on our instagram the meet between our food & beverage team and local producers, before coming and taste our à la carte Menu as well as taking a food Masterclass with our chief by first shopping together at our local market and then cook with him an amazing recipe at Maison Mère!