The art of mixing business travels and tourism

If you share the philosophy “Work hard play harder” with the founder of Maison Mère Aziz Temimi, bleisure is made for you !

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Bleisure, an upward trend

Meeting with a client in Paris in the morning ? Make the most of your free afternoon to visit the surroundings. A two-day seminar in the French capital ? Extend your stay to enjoy leisure activities.

This practice of mixing tourism with your business trips has a name : “bleisure”, born from the contraction of “business” and “leisure” - sometimes also called “bizcation”. 

Such trend was not born yesterday but is becoming increasingly common. In the context of growing interest for quality of life at work, more and more companies have converted to it.

In France, business employees travel 4.5 times a year on average. 17% of these travellers extend at least one of their stays for recreational reasons - a rising figure which may catch up with the 47% in the United States.

The trend is even more present amongst millennials, envious of new horizons and often less subject to family obligations.


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Fully enjoy your Bleisure trips

To enjoy your bleisure trips to the most, check with your employer if you are covered by the company’s insurance.

Plan your stay to optimise its short length : select the places you want to visit, the activities you would like to try, and take a look at the map of public transports which can save you a precious deal of time.


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Bleisure at Maison Mère

For frequent business travelers, Maison Mère offers not only a Parisian “pied-à-terre” for the night, but a warm and comfortable place with a caring staff. A place that echoes the family cocoon.

The fluffy bedding, complete darkness and optimal soundproofing have all been thought to offer you a restorative rest.

The breakf(e)ast gives you the strength that you need for your meetings : a Frenchy and generous buffet filled with (very) local products, with an on-the-go option if you need to hurry.


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Maison Mère - Bleisure ©Maison Mère - Bleisure

Welcome to MM Family at work 

Do you spend at least one night per year in Paris ? Take advantage of the special offers that Maison Mère reserves for its loyal business travellers.

To gain time and peace of mind, use your smartphone for the pre-check-in and as your room card. 

At your arrival, drop your luggage like you would do at home and relax with a signature cocktail offered at Hey Honey.

Choose between the Standard or Superior room where a personalized welcome is awaiting for you.

An urgent need for ironing ? Maison Mère offers you a complementary pressing service for a shirt or a blouse, delivered in less than 24 hours.

Maison Mère - Bleisure ©Maison Mère - Bleisure

Extend your stay... with a friend or relative

When passing through the Village Montholon on your way to your meetings, you may have been seduced by the convivial atmosphere like that of a village in the heart of Paris. Maison Mère offers you to enjoy it with your mind freed from work, thanks to the extension of corporate rates reserved for the MM Family at work club.

To discover authentic places of Paris, our dearest neighbors or surprising outings and activities, let you be guided by our interactive City guide !


Larissa Guzmán, the Sales director of Maison Mère, gives advice for a successful Bleisure trip on our Instagram account.