Eliott Forest's artistic project
his inspired longboards project

Eliott Forest is an artisan who is passionate about metallurgy, and we at Maison Mère want to help you discover his work. He was recently inspired to embark on a new project; making luxurious longboards. Each one is unique and handmade.

Eliott Forest's artistic project ©Eliott Forest's artistic project

From artist to artisan
and vice versa

Playing down his passion with natural modesty, Eliott Forest tends to say that he is simply at a crossroads between two worlds. “When I just create simple decorative objects, like a painting or a sculpture, the pleasure I feel is less. For me to obtain true satisfaction, it’s essential that the object I create has a function”.

Having studied at the prestigious École Boulle fine arts and crafts and applied arts college in Paris, he specialised in the monture en bronze (bronze mount), an essential step in assembling two pieces. Today, his creativity is expressed in terms of a binary savoir-faire that involves both his technical and artistic prowess. Through his work, the entire history of the artist/artisan, who is still recognised and appreciated in the heart of Paris, is reflected.

Maison Mère - Meet Lola Pacchioni ©Maison Mère - Meet Lola Pacchioni

Longboards :
creative support

Our meeting with Eliott Forest came about when we heard about his latest project; the creation of skate-longboards.

This idea was born from his passion for the sport. “I really like the feeling when I hit the streets of Paris with my friends. We feel free,” he told us. His love of materials was also an inspiration. Intrigued, even fascinated by the leftovers of wood and silver leaves left in a workshop, he shaped them to create his first skateboard and this project was born.

She ensures the low environmental impact of her company by having her collections produced entirely in France by an ethical and ecologically responsible manufacturer.

He now plans to produce a series of 5 boards, each being customised in the image of an artisanal trade. And why not a Maison Mère board? Watch this space!

Maison Mère - Eliott Forest ©Maison Mère - Eliott Forest

Eliott Forest

Maison Mère - Eliott Forest ©Maison Mère - Eliott Forest

Eliott Forest