ceramics conquers our tables

Beyond being an absolute trend, ceramic is a true ancestral savoir-faire. This is the message sent by Agnès with Goberlote, her ceramic brand: a sustainable brand that highlights the passionate craftspeople using collections of timeless crockery with clear lines. 

Goberlote ©Goberlote

A family matter

After 25 years of work in big groups within the fashion and cultural industries, Agnès felt the need to return to her roots. She turned back to her first love: a passion inherited from her mother, ceramicist in the South of France. Thus Goberlote was born in April 2019. Many projects are now in progress to develop Goberlote, such as collaborations with Chefs and restaurants, partnerships with influencers and culinary stylists, and new points of sale in France and in Europe. 


Maison Mère - Goberlote ©Maison Mère - Goberlote

the passion for the beautiful object, away from the standards 

No need to look for it in the dictionary, the word “Goberlote” was removed from it a long time ago! Coming from ancient French, the “goberlote” referred to a small recipient. It was the word used by her great-grandmother and it remained in the family until today. 
And when we ask Agnès to describe Goberlote, she shares a poetic definition: “Goberlote, this to get inspiration from the authentic charm of natural materials and from an ancestral savoir-faire to make our everyday life more beautiful.” Travel is an integral part of the brand DNA and the premises of her collaborations: this is in Asia that starts the journey, where Agnès went to meet craftspeople in Northern Thailand, in a region famous for the ancestral savoir-faire and the quality of the sandstone quarries. 
 The brand develops sandstone ceramic collections with smooth and soft lines, affordable and perfectly adapted to our lifestyles.

Maison Mère - goberlote ©Maison Mère - goberlote

Goberlote workshop
the little nest of the Village Montholon

Even though the brand is sold in various stores in Paris and in France (Good design Store in Marseille, Atelier de Pablo, B.Green and Neij in Paris, Chuma in Montpellier…), this is in the 9th district of Paris that Agnès settles in when she arrives in Paris 25 years ago. 
She immediately fells in love with this authentic area with the appearance of a big village. Beyond the central location, this is the neighborhood life that seduces Agnès:  “The 9th arrondissement has many faces, at the same time an iconic place of the Parisian culture, a touristic area, in the heart of important historical and very Parisian symbols. We also find a secret and familial aspect, livened up by the small shops and high-quality food businesses.”
A place she feels at home, that reflects her definition of a house: “a place for yourself, at your image, where you feel good. It is a cocoon, that protects from the outside world but also a place of warmth and openness.”
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