Ground Zero
puts a swing in Village Montholon

Ground Zero is an independent record store of Village Montholon, where Franck and Alban invite you to share their love of music, vinyl records, discoveries and human experiences.

Ground Zero ©Ground Zero

Ground Zero
Betting on records

Ground Zero was born in 2004 from a crazy idea in which nobody believed. By working for a record distributor, Franck witnessed the forefront of the CD crisis and the extinction of independent record stores. Convinced of their importance for maintaining cultural diversity and neighborhood life, he opened Ground Zero with both audacity and two French musical labels, Vicious Circle and Ici d’ailleurs.

In sixteen years of existence, the bet could have been lost countless times, but the strength of passion and “can-do” attitude overcame difficulties. Today, the renewed interest in vinyl records compensates for the declining CD market : in response to the rise of digital technologies, music lovers retreat to this beautiful object bearer of a warm sound. 

Following this request, Ground Zero started offering Hi-Fi equipment manufactured by the Austrian brand PRO-JECT, with vinyl turntables for all budgets and desires.


© Emanuel Miranda

Maison Mère - Ground Zero ©Maison Mère - Ground Zero

and sharing

When Franck bought records as a teenager, he experienced the frustration of missing the thousand potential discoveries offered next to his choices. He envied the owners of record stores for receiving all the musical novelties and whose job consisted in listening to countless tracks.

Today, the Internet guarantees easier access to music but record shops keep an added value : human contact. At Ground Zero, customers are welcomed into a nice interior which entices them to browse through the records or request the advice of Franck and his associate Alban.

The clientele, traditionally made of men in their thirties, is increasingly broadening to all ages and genders.


© Emanuel Miranda

Maison Mère - Ground Zero ©Maison Mère - Ground Zero

A selection
right in tune

Ask Franck what you can find at Ground Zero, he will answer : a bit of everything, but mostly things that resemble us.

Specialized in the news of indie rock, the selection covers a large range of styles : classic rock, folk, pop, new wave, electronic music, jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, world music… Their discoveries are dug everywhere : in the newsletters of suppliers and distributors, in the unknown request of a client, in a post shared by a friend on social media…

The latest favorite of Franck is drawn from the selection of African music : Star Feminine Band, a group of young women who mix rock with the influences of their country, Benin. A refreshing, innocent and pleasant record which brings sun into the heart.


© Portrait of Alban by Emanuel Miranda

Maison Mère - Ground Zero ©Maison Mère - Ground Zero

Village Montholon
a joyful concert

Their niche activity compelled Ground Zero to set foot on the edge of the most shopping area of Paris 9 and to join the other shops around the business district of Faubourg Poissonnière.

This location slightly off-center in Village Montholon has an upside : Franck and Alban can devote most of their energy and advice to the loyal and passionate customers who make the trip.


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Maison Mère - Ground Zero ©Maison Mère - Ground Zero

as a House mistress 

To Franck, a house is the place where we feel good and where music is like a chimney fire. All it takes for the perfect evening is a soft light coupled with a good record, a nice sound, and perhaps a glass of wine.

At Ground Zero like at Maison Mère, music has the same importance as a beautiful light or a comfortable sofa. At Maison Mère, more than thirty atmospheres have been conceived through plays of light and sounds to surprise you through your stay.

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