Hervé the cabinetmaker
and the magic of his savoir-faire

A cheesemaker, a photographer, a neighbourhood association; the favourites of the Maison Mère are as eclectic as our tastes and passions. Today, we’d like to introduce you to an artisan magician called Hervé Blondeau.

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Hervé the cabinetmaker ©Hervé the cabinetmaker


A profession involving
rare skill and passion

Hervé specialises in restoring antique furniture and has been established on his own for 22 years. He explains that his job is preserving heritage items for future generations. After two years of vocational school in Normandy, he took various training courses at the École Boulle, a college of fine arts and crafts and applied arts in Paris, to perfect his skills in marquetry and metal engraving. By learning from other artisans like himself, he also acquired a mastery of various techniques that allow him to give new life to furniture and art objects, some of which are very old. It’s a profession that involves patience and subtlety as well as passion...

Maison Mère - Village Montholon ©Maison Mère - Village Montholon

Restoration; a profession of finesse,
care and respect

To enter Hervé's workshop is to step inside a fantastic world pervaded by the aromas of wood, glue and varnish, where the metallic lustre of the tools contrast with the natural warmth of the materials. Hervé delights in explaining to us the finesse of the choices available to the restorer of antique furniture, that the materials must always match those of the original item, how veneers should respect the integrity of the work and be removable so that future restoration work can take place. It all forms a delicate balance and demonstrates true savoir-faire in the service of beauty.

Among the crafts, cabinetmaking is undoubtedly one of the most discreet, like Hervé Blondeau himself. Meeting him left us with a new appreciation of items that last and continue to enchant through time... and we’re delighted to share this with you.