How to sleep well at the hotel
... just like at home

Jetlag plays tricks on you ? You have trouble falling asleep ? Discover 5 pieces of advice by Maison Mère to slip into Morpheus’s arms and enjoy a restorative rest.

How to sleep well at the hotel ©How to sleep well at the hotel

When staying a the hotel, try keeping your habits

A healthy lifestyle makes sleeping easier. To sleep well, it is recommended to practice regular exercise, go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday, and establish an evening routine which prepares your brain to fall asleep. 

When travelling, choose a hotel which allows you to keep those habits. According to your preferences, prioritize the existence of a sports gym, a bathroom equipped with a bathtub, a restaurant within the hotel for homebirds or a quality bedding for comfort lovers...


Choose a restful hotel

For a good night’s sleep, the environment matters as much as a healthy lifestyle. A quiet and dark room at the right temperature favours a restorative rest.

Before choosing your hotel, enquire about the district : is it busy ? Surrounded with night establishments ? In default of ideal location, make sure you bring a pair of ear plugs. Close the curtains of your room at least an hour before bed to stimulate the discharge of melatonin. Finally, set the thermostat of your room at the temperature recommended for sleep : between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.


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Maison Mère - How to sleep well at the hotel ©Maison Mère - How to sleep well at the hotel

Consider your bed a sacred place

The human brain is well conceived. As it only needs to see a bicycle to activate the neurons which know how to pedal, it simply needs to see the bed to activate the reflexes necessary to find sleep… provided that it associates the bed with this sole activity. 

If you wish to have dinner, work for a bit, watch television or use electronic devices, try doing it in an armchair or another room. Some hotels have warm and welcoming common spaces where you can feel at ease to indulge in your relaxing evening activities.


Before going to bed, enjoy the relaxation services of the hotel

More and more, hotels are becoming living places but remain essentially places to sleep, where everything is designed for this delightful occupation.

If your hotel offers courtesy trays, prefer the infusions over the energizing coffee and teas. Use the welcoming products to pamper yourself and relax your muscles before sleep. Enjoy the eventual complementary services such as the sports gym or the spa to indulge in a well-deserved moment of relaxation.


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Maison Mère - How to sleep well at the hotel ©Maison Mère - How to sleep well at the hotel

Prepare your stay at the hotel for a better sleep

If you have a well-proven night routine or encounter difficulties to find sleep, you can bring at the hotel the things which help you fall asleep. For instance, the book that you are currently reading, a night-light for children, a white noise machine, herbal remedies… If you forget one of those things, hotels which offer very personalized services will help you out. The majority of hotels will be able to give you the nearest address to provide yourself.

Of course, you can always turn to the breathing and visualisation techniques which have long proven their efficiency.


At Maison Mère, sleep at the hotel like at home (... and better yet)

As a caring mother, Maison Mère receives you like at home and creates the perfect conditions to offer you rest after a full day.

Because a good night starts with good bedding, all the rooms of Maison Mère are equipped with upper-quality mattresses as well as quilts and pillows made of hypoallergenic foam. Feather quilts and pillow or shape memory pillows are available on request. The complete darkness and optimal soundproofing of our rooms allow you to recover at any time of day and night from jet lag or a wild night with your friends.

Profit from the advantages included in your stay or from complementary services which will guide you into Morpheus’s arm, from the delicate infusions on the courtesy tray until the room massage service and the bathtub option of our rooms. For any information, our reception will be happy to inform and advise you.


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