Life through magenta glasses at Village Montholon

L’Indéprimeuse is the Parisian heiress of an old family of Corsican printers. This boutique of curiosities located in Paris 9 raises smiles, questions, and invests our daily lives with creative and surprising objects.

L’Indéprimeuse ©L’Indéprimeuse

across family generations

Behind L’Indéprimeuse are two Corsican sisters, Felicia and Davina Sammarcelli. Ink has run in the veins of their family since the late 17th century.

Adopting the trade of their father and ancestors was a pledge of loyalty to their family but also an important symbolic gesture : preserving the first profession of the book industry by adapting it to the logics of our times is a challenge that Felicia and Davina take up with passion… and great humour.

Printing is an ancient know-how but also resolutely modern. L’Indéprimeuse was first born on Twitter in December 2015 with the ambition of sharing around this universe.


© Emanuel Miranda

Maison Mère - L'Indéprimeuse ©Maison Mère - L'Indéprimeuse

studio of creative incidences

L’Indéprimeuse : a creative porte-manteau word, synonym of several values. Its feminin form claims the desire to feminize the printing trade and honor women at work. 

The French pun created by the word is not easy to translate, but imagine something like a mixture between “Un-depressing” and “Independent-female-printer”. At L’Indéprimeuse, printing is indeed all but depressing and life is seen through magenta-coloured glasses - the pink colour of printers.

At the store located 7, rue de Calais in Paris 9, like on the eshop, you will find a thousand “creative incidences” : canvases, notebooks, clothes and other surprises enclosing smiles ready to blossom.


© Emanuel Miranda

Maison Mère - L'Indéprimeuse ©Maison Mère - L'Indéprimeuse

Drawing inspiration
from know-how and activism

Thanks to their studies in history and history of art as well as their experience in the printing trade, Felicia and Davina combine strong references with a thorough knowledge of papers, inks, typefaces and lettering styles.

A letter is also a drawing, an invitation to interpret its form. By disguising the familiar, the artist sisters remind us that observing the things which surround us is a never-ending source of delight.

Questioning things paves the way for creativity but also political fights. Felicia and Davina consider their primary gesture of printing an activist activity per se. But they go further.

Davina perfectly sums up this fusion between art, heritage, activism and humour when she quotes Marguerite Duras and her famous statement : “Writing is shouting in silence”... Before adding : “And printing is shouting with an echo”.

To discover other spirited words by L’Indeprimeuse on their various mediums, visit their Instagram account.


© Astrid Caie

Maison Mère - L'Indéprimeuse ©Maison Mère - L'Indéprimeuse

Village Montholon,
the coincidence that became home

Supported by the municipality of Paris in their finding of a place, Felicia and Davina benefited from an all-too happy coincidence to set foot in the district of Pigalle, at the heart of Paris 9.

In joining the community of Village Montholon, they fell in love with this unique and authentic district for the same reasons as Maison Mère : the ambient air, the vibrant energy, the festive and family atmosphere, the artistic and cosmopolitan vibe.

Proud of having made a living of L’Indéprimeuse, Felicia and Davina have one desire : to keep nourishing the store with the same passion for many years. The experience offers them a rich life, meaningful encounters and contributions to blooming projects like Maison Mère.


Hence you will find the creations of L’Indéprimeuse at Maison Mère, displayed to surprise and delight you through your stay. Are you looking forward to seeing the result ?


© Astrid Caie