Lord of Barbès
Gin made in Barbès

Clignancourt Street, our eye is attracted to this unique curiosity cabinet… Directly submerged by the Lord of Barbès’ universe, craft and organic Gin brand, and especially on Hervé, one of the founders.

Lord of Barbès ©Lord of Barbès

From advertisement to spirits
There were 1000 lives in Hervé’s life 

Before Lord of Barbès, Hervé worked many years in advertisement; first as journalist, then artistic director in a famous Parisian agency. Bored of this advertising world, he bought an art-house cinema at République, where he broadcasted short movies.  

Then progressively, he had the idea to put through short movies producers with advertising agencies. He launched shortly after his own animation studio, Lord of Barbès, where he collaborated with big names, including Maison Hermès. 

Some years later, he decided to follow his urge to create a brand as a whole, by creating Lord of Barbès, an organic and craft Gin brand. 

Maison Mère - Lord of Barbes ©Maison Mère - Lord of Barbes

Birth of Lord of Barbès Gin
The craft and organic gin 

Hervé partnered with Aloïs (who practiced at Maison du Whisky) and together, they produced the gin Lord of Barbès at the Bercloux distillery near Cognac, an organic and craft gin, made of juniper, monkey bread (the fruit of baobab) and aphrodisiac plants.  

Produced to 8 000 copies, this Gin is sold in a splendid cobalt blue glass bottle, that we can refill when it is empty at more than 100 independent cellarmen, and at Lord of Barbès’ store: ‘When we buy a Lord of Barbès bottle, we become a Lord or a Lady, and we can refill our bottle at a cellarman for a lower price”. 

And it is actually when he spilled Gin on himself by refilling his customers’ bottles, that Hervé got the idea to create a perfume made of Gin. 
A perfume with unique and heady notes, imagined with the help of the Studio Flair, which directly hit the mark of Maison Mère. 

Maison Mère - Lord of Barbès ©Maison Mère - Lord of Barbès

authentic and multicultural area 

Barbès was an obvious choice for Hervé. Settled here for more than 10 years, his workshop Lord of Barbès was once his animation studio. Transformed into a showroom / curiosity cabinet to welcome Gin enthusiasts, the shop located Clignancourt street attracts attention, piques curiosity, and steers us to come in. 

Lord of Barbès gets its identity from its neighbourhood: ‘in Barbès there are still people buying their flasks at grocery stores, so we wanted to make a nod to the area’. Hervé claims proudly this authentic and multicultural neighbourhood: ‘I like this diversity, the fact of not being in the Marais among bobos’. 

And when we asked Hervé about his favorite cocktail recipe, he revealed another facet of Lord of Barbès: ‘ I have always loved Gin Tonic, so we got the idea to create a tonic syrup to make the Tonic oneself'. 

What if we found the Gin Tonic recipe of Lord of Barbès at Maison Mère? While waiting for the opening, Lord of Barbès Gin is available at the store, online, and at more than 100 independent cellarmen in France. 

Lord of Barbès - 64 rue de Clignancourt 75018 Paris