Maison Doris
Art and Parisian fashion

Doris is a designer of clothes made in Paris. Passionate and full of stories to tell, her work resembles her : like her life and personality, it feeds from a multitude of Parisian and artistic references.

Maison Doris ©Maison Doris

Maison Doris,
The ephemeral atemporality

In her workshop-boutique located 26, rue Molière in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, Doris proposes collections entirely imagined and hand-cut by herself. 

The collections count between 2 and 100 pieces and are defined by a timeless spirit. This sober and elegant style offers a guarantee of durability but also the opportunity for each woman to mix it with other influences and to incarnate the garment with her own personality.

The fabrics fly away (to the dressings and lives of different customers), the models remain… and broaden through the seasons. When she comes across an exceptional fabric in a small quantity, Doris now allows herself to create “one-shot” collections. Who would not like wearing a garment unique in the world ?


© Leticia Zica

Maison Mère - Maison Doris ©Maison Mère - Maison Doris

Made in Paris
but universal

Doris is attentive to all things surrounding her : fabrics, people, Paris, art, memories. Because she draws inspiration from these things and is keen on preserving them, she spontaneously created an authentic universe, respectful of the environment.

The existing fabrics inspire Doris to conceive her models. Hemp, cotton, silk, wool : noble and natural materials produced in France, Italy or Japan but always found in Paris from the overstock of haute-couture houses.

Women are another source of inspiration, both in their psychology and ways of fending for themselves in everyday life. Trained as a comedian and dancer, Doris pays close attention to the body and sublimates every silhouette in a different and adequate manner. Every single person that leaves her boutique should feel themselves, beautiful and enhanced.


© Leticia Zica

Maison Mère - Maison Doris ©Maison Mère - Maison Doris

A child
of the Village Montholon

Doris was born in Nice but born in Paris a second time, where she became aware of herself.

The Village Montholon, her ‘Proust’s madeleine’, was the theatre of all her first times in the mid-1980s : her first books, friends, dance lessons, setbacks, and her first kiss in the Square Montholon. She remembers every detail with nostalgia, comforted to see that the district has kept its soul.

Her greatest first time : the Swan Lake at the Opera Garnier in 1986 with Sylvie Guillem dancing above a fabric floating on the floor. Consciously or not, it is this gorgeous fluidity and range of organic colours that Doris has been trying to recreate in her garments all this time.


© Leticia Zica

Maison Mère - Maison Doris ©Maison Mère - Maison Doris

Girlboss Mum
A house for two lives

Doris wishes people to enter her boutique as they would come and have a drink at hers : they are welcoming houses, open to all those with things to say or ask, to do and show. Everyone is free to pass by, stay, express their desires and leave at any time without anguish or formality.

Doris manages her boutique like a house mistress, from the conception and sewing of garments to the communication on Instagram, her e-shop project, her shopping advice… Without forgetting the fabric shipments ensured by her roundtrips on a bicycle throughout Paris.

To do things as we like, to enjoy simple and constant pleasures, to take time despite the relentless whirlwind of activities : this is Doris’s philosophy in her relation to work, customers and her life in Paris.


© Leticia Zica


How would you like to meet Doris at Maison Mère to try on her creations and discover other surprises ?