Maison Mère, new lifestyle hotel in Paris 9th

A 4* hotel nestled in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Maison Mère is a place to live, a dining & cocktail bar, a coworking café, a festive space, an artistic hive and much more.

Maison Mère, new lifestyle hotel in Paris 9th ©Maison Mère, new lifestyle hotel in Paris 9th

A hybrid place in the heart of the Village Montholon in Paris 9, near Pigalle and Montmartre

Maison Mère is a stimulating, lively, festive place where people come to relax, be entertained, and be inspired around a concert, a cocktail or an ephemeral exhibition. Maison Mère is a cosy nest, a lively and welcoming place where people come to have a drink, work, chat, laugh, sleep, dream, let go and let themselves be carried away.

Maison Mère, the headquarters of the 9th arrondissement of Paris

At Maison Mère we want to welcome you as if you were at home, whether you are a family, a couple, a group of friends, for business or even if you come alone. We have offers (link offers) to meet all your needs whether you are here for leisure or work.

The rooms at Maison Mère ©The rooms at Maison Mère

Hotel rooms at Maison Mère 

We have imagined our 51 rooms as an extension of your home: complete darkness in the rooms and optimal soundproofing throughout the hotel, premium bedding worthy of the greatest Parisian palaces, Netflix and Spotify applications available for streaming on the television and, of course, faster-than-lightning WiFi. From the arty Alveole ideal for a young lovers' getaway, to the family suite nestled under the rooftops of Paris, each pied-à-terre is unique and each room is a new home, an extension of your House in this lifestyle hotel in Paris 9th.

Events at Maison Mère, Paris 9th

It's a busy week at Maison Mère! From hip hop yoga classes on Tuesday mornings to cooking masterclasses with our chef Santiago Guerrero or jewellery upcycling on Sundays, there is something for everyone. New masterclasses and even meditation workshops are organised throughout the year...

The restaurant Hey Honey ©The restaurant Hey Honey

A coworking space and an ephemeral art gallery in the 9th arrondissement of Paris

As a true hybrid place, Maison Mère has a free coworking space available to its clients but also to locals. An ideal space to organize team meetings, brainstorming sessions, or to prepare your external meetings, a business hotel if you come to Paris for business. 

Maison Mère is also a boutique hotel in Paris 9, the art gallery is found throughout your stay at Maison Mère, from the Salon Courbe to the coworking space, via the restaurant and the rooms. We highlight local artists and craftsmen by offering works for sale that you can buy on our online concept store. 

Hey Honey, the festive restaurant and original cocktail bar in Paris 9

Atypical restaurant and cocktail bar in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Hey Honey offers French Fusion cuisine but also a menu of sentimental homemade cocktails that you won't soon forget. The nights are very wild at Hey Honey thanks to the concerts, drag queen bingo or burlesque show, the events are particularly festive. And to get you back on track the next day, there's nothing like a delicious breakfast buffet or room service, and brunch is coming soon...

Maison Mère - Customer experience seen by Marion

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