Maison Mère’s christmas market, Paris 9

Maison Mere's big pleasure is to federate people around common beliefs.  

Creativity is the heart of Maison Mère, and an artistic freedom is evolving and growing in every place : corridors of the hotel, shoebox rooms, and library place are full of artistic tresors and new creators concepts.  
During the year, many artistic exhibitions and events will take place to highlight all creative minds. 

The Christmas market at Maison Mère brings together all our favourite designers, candles, ceramics, fashion accessories, cosmetics and food.... Come and find what you're looking for on Sunday 26 November 2023 at 7 rue Mayran in the 9th arrondissement of Paris

Maison Mère’s christmas market, Paris 9 ©Maison Mère’s christmas market, Paris 9

Maison Banane, a workshop of handmade, vegan watercolours, made in Paris & with cheeky designs. Maison Banane makes its hand watercolours on a small scale using a vegan binder and professional-quality pigment blends for a highly pigmented and unique result. All made in the EU, even the pack. Inspired by pop culture, this brand invites you to explore your creativity in a world of explosive colours.    

23 Beauty Paris, responsible, vegan, ethical, transparent and exclusive beauty. A brand of eco-responsible castor oil varnishes available in 8 colours. Virginie, the founder, likes to have fun with textures and colours, while paying attention to composition and the world around us.  

Yvonne, a Mexican graphic designer and illustrator based in Paris, is the founder of Graphy&Craft. Her brand is based on the creation of colourful graphic motifs, mainly on paper and other materials. She draws her inspiration from the applied arts, nature, her country's endangered fauna and her travels. 

Les Impatientes is Coline's Made in Paris jewellery. Pieces with a modern, refined but above all timeless design. Jewellery for everyday wear and for special occasions. Pieces you can't get enough of, season after season.

Maison Mère ©Maison Mère

Seedays is a French brand created by Océane and Ophélie, two person with a passion for real, nutrient-rich food. It's their vision of a new way of "eating well". This concept has developed into a range of healthy, tasty products, a real living, natural grocery shop that evolves with the seasons. Hand-crafted in reasonable quantities. 

LC Céramique is a brand of handmade ceramics created by Lisa Colin. This colourful brand plays with different textures to create unique tactile sensations. Stoneware and porcelain combine to create unexpected tactile experiences. The aim is to offer you original pieces, making each object unique and poetic. LC Céramique also offers a range of jewellery including interchangeable porcelain and stoneware earrings. Handmade in the traditional way.  

Romane Sérazin is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She creates all kinds of illustrations for both personal and professional projects. She particularly enjoys printing her designs on different support, such as textiles and paper. Her illustrations are often described as sweet and poetic. 

Maison Mère ©Maison Mère


City lights, graphic, chic city jewellery. Collections of 925 sterlings silver and 750 gold-plated jewellery selected from the very latest trends. Our priority: to offer you a creative, quality product at the best price, with social and environmental respect.  

Ardé Déco, the embodiment of natural elegance and craftsmanship in the world of candles and home decoration. At Ardé Déco, we believe in simple, authentic beauty, which is why we make our candleholders and decorations from plaster, a natural, harmless ingredient, and our candles are made from soy wax. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand in our family workshop.  

Dodu is a silk scarf designed by Manon and Justine in Paris. Made in Spain from soft, fine Italian silk twill, it is either 70x70cm or 45x45cm. It's a 'full-page' design like you don't often see on classic scarves, on a silk that lets you see the design on both sides. An essential wardrobe accessory that can be worn in a multitude of ways. 


Maison Mère ©Maison Mère

Thelma Paris is a brand of natural products inspired by Japanese rituals. Thelma Paris incense sticks are produced in Japan, a country with unique and ancestral incense-making know-how. These sticks, made in Tokyo, are unique in that they emit very little smoke and have no bamboo stem. The range also includes cosmetics inspired by Japanese beauty rituals. Sake soap is a rice-based cleanser for the face and body. Camellia oil is a multi-purpose beauty oil.   

Maison Origin is a family-run business specialising in Recycled Leather made from scrap leather and a little natural latex. The products are Made in France and guaranteed free from plastic and chemicals!   

Again Candle is a 100% French, home-made candle based on the circular economy. The aim is to recycle jars and give them a second life! Our candles contain soya wax, a 100% natural wax that burns 30% longer and releases more fragrance. We work with a perfumer based in Grasse. The perfume capital of the world! 

Toit de Paris is a piece of Parisian architectural heritage, an iconic object in the capital, a slice of Paris for oneself.

Nouveau Jour is a company specializing in vintage items. Nouveau Jour selects inspiring and distinctive furniture to make your interior truly unique.



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