Meet Lola Pacchioni
Creator of IKA

Lola Pacchioni is a fashion designer with a magical touch who embodies the kind of creativity that we love at Maison Mère. She picked up the classic, slightly quaint silk square and turned it into an absolutely indispensable fashion statement. A fabulous inspiration in her image...

Meet Lola Pacchioni ©Meet Lola Pacchioni

The passions
of Lola Pacchioni

Journalism, gastronomy, cinema; Lola Pacchioni has been involved in a wide variety of professions that have led her ‘naturally’ to fashion. “In each of those sectors in which I’ve been involved we find colour, image, transformation. Each provides an unparalleled experience, whether it’s eating a dish, immersing yourself in a film, or adorning yourself with a new fabric. These are exceptionally sensory - even carnal - experiences,” she explains.

Following a trip overseas, she returned with a new passion - silk - and an idea - to reinvent the silk square. “IKA was born from a desire to create; an itch that could not be ignored; a sudden impulse that constituted a plunge into the unknown,” she tells us. The result was a first collection that was simply sublime.

Maison Mère - Meet Lola Pacchioni ©Maison Mère - Meet Lola Pacchioni

Her inspirations of the moment? “The colourful and summery photographs of Slim Aarons, the delicate mobiles of the sculptor Alexander Calder, and the hyper-realistic paintings of Ralph Goings. Plants that take over abandoned places. Italy in the 50s. Very busy images and images that embrace emptiness.”

an inspiring brand

For the record, IKA means ‘chic’ in Esperanto. Lola Pacchioni chose to create an XXL version of the silk square, 1.30 metres each side. These dimensions allow the wearer to play with it as they wish. Casually knotted at the hip, wrapped about the hair, skilfully draped to create an asymmetrical top, it legitimises all follies and unleashes your creativity. What’s more, being soft, sensual, thermoregulatory silk, it guarantees unequalled comfort.

Maison Mère - Meet Lola Pacchioni ©Maison Mère - Meet Lola Pacchioni

Of course, Lola Pacchioni, well rooted in her time, does not just produce something that is beautiful, but also something that is environmentally friendly. “There is the problem of eco-responsibility to be considered. The desire I have to make a positive impact by creating a responsible brand,” she explains.

She ensures the low environmental impact of her company by having her collections produced entirely in France by an ethical and ecologically responsible manufacturer.

Always full of enthusiasm and creativity, Lola Pacchioni summarises her projects in one word: “Growth”! She develops her collections and designs other silk pieces, but also establishes links with the worlds that are close to her heart; cuisine and cinema... Maison Mère is eager to follow her lead... and who knows, maybe a collaboration will result!

Maison Mère - Meet Lola Pacchioni ©Maison Mère - Meet Lola Pacchioni

Maison Mère - Meet Lola Pacchioni ©Maison Mère - Meet Lola Pacchioni