Croque Madame with a twist

The Croque Monsieur is a French signature dish, served in every brasserie, from the most classic version to the most gastronomic one. Indeed, famous chefs like Cyril Lignac or Alain Ducasse propose their own style 5-star recipe. 
But where does Croque Monsieur come from? Take a glance on the most fashionable snack of Paris, restyled by Maison Mère

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The birth 
of the Croque Monsieur

In 1910, it made its first appearance on the menu of a Parisian brasserie, located Boulevard des Capucines. The origin of the name remains a total mystery, even if some legends say that the restaurant owner made a jocular reference to the meat used in the Croque Monsieur, which would be made of human flesh.  

Maison Mère - Croque Madame recipe ©Maison Mère - Croque Madame recipe

Croque Madame
twisted by Maison Mère

The Croque Monsieur has an international reputation. What about the Croque Madame version, topped with a fried egg, called ‘un oeuf à cheval’? 
Maison Mère reveals its special Croque Madame lockdown recipe: a quick recipe made with simple ingredients that you can twist according to your own taste! 

Ingredients :

Sandwich loaves
Ham slices 
Grated gruyère cheese
Bechamel sauce
Fresh eggs
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Provençal spices
Lamb’s lettuce on side

Steps :

  • Baste the sandwich loaves with olive oil, lemon juice and mustard 
  • Add the slices of ham, the bechamel and the grated cheese 
  • Season with the spices  
  • Crack an egg on top and put it in the oven for 15min

Serve with the lamb’s lettuce… Et voilà, it’s ready! 

Maison Mère - Croque Madame Recipe ©Maison Mère - Croque Madame Recipe

For an even more sensational taste, baste the sandwich loaves with truffle oil, or grate pieces of truffle on top right out of the oven.

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