Can you tell us about you and your professional experience ?

Originally from Uruguay, I started my career as a film director in an independent production company while studying social communications at university. After two years of exploring the world, my career took off when I started working in a reputable advertising agency where I learn two important lessons : reality is not organized and creativity can solve any problem.

After a successful mandate in the advertising industry, I followed my intuition and decided to seize the opportunity of producing a TV documentary series. This project was driven by a willingness to raise awareness about our dietary habits and the repercussions that they have on our society.


What is your role at Maison Mère ? What do you enjoy the most in your job ?

As the Multimedia Ninja of Maison Mère, I am the storyteller charged with creating the videos. Storytelling is at the heart of Maison Mère, subliming every step of the stay and extending the experience beyond the walls. My work consists in transposing these stories in audiovisual content. In partnership with the marketing team and the artistic director, we create videos that communicate the spirit of the hotel and keep our communication channels active with original content.

© Leticia Zica


What attracted you to the project of Maison Mère ? 

Maison Mère is a project with a very well defined personality that keeps the balance between simplicity and sophistication. A young team at the forefront, accompanied by leaders who keep the traditional know-how. I love working in a space that is so open to creativity, where there is a permanent dialogue with professionals from the whole world to create experiences that we cannot find elsewhere. Maison Mère has a magical aura which lets you think that everything is possible.


How do you transcript the identity of Maison Mère in your videos ?

The story of Maison Mère is inspired by a creative and slightly eccentric woman who loves receiving guests, surprising them with delicious dishes and inviting them to wander in the neighborhood to present them to her neighbors. When I film a project for Maison Mère, I always try to connect with this feminine and sensitive energy. I seek the funny sides of stories where I can enhance the values of family, friendship and even the small imperfections that make us human. These are things to which we can all identify. The doors of Maison Mère are open to the world, which is why I focus on using a visual language that is accessible to all cultures, representative and inclusive.


How would you describe the team of Maison Mère ? 

To me, the strength of the team Maison Mère lies in its empathy. It’s an international team where the different cultures and visions of the world are valued. It’s a team who shares the appetite for hard work and challenges, the respect of traditions, family, friends and fun chatting during long evening parties, with the unrivalled pleasure of celebrating and sharing.


What would you recommend to someone visiting Paris? 

Paris is a unique city with a tremendous historical heritage and at the same time a cultural richness expressed in all aspects of daily life. I recommend the jazz club La Gare in the 19th arrondissement, a performance hall that puts a smile all over your face. It’s a good place to discover the musical scene of Paris with non-commercial and very original groups. To me, the most important thing when I discover a city is to meet the people who live in it, exchange our opinions and know their way of thinking. In this club, there are many interesting people who are open to conversation, with whom you can have good discussions about music.


According to you, what is the definition of a House?

All my life, this definition has been changing. After many years spent traveling the world, I have lived in many houses and have got into the habit of moving. Yet the only place which has stayed coherent, the only house where I have been able to return every time, which will be in me forever and to which I am inextricably linked is my body. At the moment, I consider my body as my home and I care about making it a good place to live.


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