Tell us about yourself and your experience.

I am Marion Grelier, I’m 24 and passionate about travels and gastronomy. 

I graduated from a Bachelor of Science at Neoma Business School, in Rouen. During these 4 years, I spent some time in Moscow and I went to Barcelona for a six-month internship in tourism. I kept working for this start-up for a full year in parallel of my studies, as a freelance. Then I went to Madrid at IE Business School to complete a Master in Management. Finally, I went to Shanghai before coming back to Paris to find a job.


What is your role at Maison Mère ? 

I began by an internship in Marketing and Communication in January 2020, but my missions quickly evolved towards processes, human resources and customer experience. Now, I am responsible for implementing the processes meant to guarantee a customer experience worthy of a palace, thanks to technology. I monitor their good functioning and I improve them continually.


What seduced you in the project of Maison Mère ? 

My grandfather worked as Chef in several gastronomical restaurants within hotels before becoming the owner of his own hotel-restaurant. I am passionate about the hotel industry, gastronomy and travels in general.

To me, becoming the headquarter of a Parisian district is a project that belongs to the future of the hotel industry. Maison Mère is meant to be a house where locals and tourists meet, where people gather to spend good time together, at any time of the day.


What do you love the most about your job ?

Before Maison Mère, I had the opportunity to participate in another launching, that of a travel agency which organizes surprise weekends on the French market. At Maison Mère, working for the opening of a Parisian hotel means handling many topics with different teams. I love challenges and busy days. There are always so many things to do and I love being everywhere at the same time.


From marketing and communication, you shifted towards customer experience. How are these two related ? How do you create a unique experience for the guests of Maison Mère, both online and in-house ? 

Today, an experience in a hotel goes further than just a nice room, a good bedding and a pleasant staff. It is an experience that begins even before booking a room, through personal attentions and a staff who knows who you are. It is tasting the authentic Parisian life. Our customer experience feeds on the experiences of our own team, made up of both experts of the hotel industry and newcomers, and on their travels around the globe. 

Maison Mère is building a strong synergy between the online and the in-house experiences, which you can discover on our Instagram account or during your stay.


Give us two adresses that you would recommend to a friend visiting Paris.

Two addresses… Tough one for the foodie within me ! I love the typical Montmartre for its little streets, its vertiginous steps and its small restaurants (I strongly recommend Tentazioni). I also often go out between Pigalle and Opéra, where you can find cafés, restaurants and boutiques for shopping, like Rue des Martyrs of the Grands Magasins. I recommend the temporary restaurants on the rooftops of Galeries Lafayettes or Le Printemps, where the view is breathtaking. Paris is a Moveable Feast !


How would you describe the team of Maison Mère ?

We are a family made of members of differents ages and different, with the eagerness to bring something more to the hotel industry. United, open and curious, our team reflects our project.


What is your definition of a House ? 

Home is where wifi connects automatically… Jokes aside, to me, a house is more a feeling than a place. Hence the expression ‘to feel at home’ : being home away from home. 


Discover other members of the MM Family : Daher, the Front office manager, or Sarah, in charge of Marketing.

And keep their faces in mind... a game is coming on our Instagram account.