Who are you and what is your role at Maison Mère?  

My name is Sarah, I am 24 and the Marketing manager at Maison Mère. I am in charge of the Marketing and communication strategy for the launch of the hotel: website creation, advertising campaigns, web & print creative assets, social networks, as well as the creation of the entire storytelling of Maison Mère. 


Can you tell us more about your background? 

Originally from the South of France, I came to Paris to finish my studies in Marketing. Whereupon, I worked for few years in brand content project management in a French entertainment media. I have always loved building projects and combining my work to my hobbies, which led me to create Montpellier first sneakers exhibition in 2017.


What attracted you to Maison Mère project? 

Above all, the entrepreneurial adventure: get involved in a very new project, participate in the creation from scratch. I do things with passion and I was touched by the avant-gardist and a bit revolutionary approach  of the concept of Maison Mère. 
I am not familiar with hotels, only because I prefer to immerse myself in the culture and live as a local for a few days. This is also why I really believe in this project. I think that many active young people, like me, look for these kinds of places when they travel, and this is the willingness of Maison Mère. 


What are the characteristics of Maison Mère’s team? 

This is a multicultural, dynamic, passionate and very heterogeneous team thanks to the experience of each one of us: we do not all come from the hospitality industry and this is a true strength, to be able to usurp the existing codes. 


Do you have two spots that you would recommend to someone visiting Paris? 

Rosa Bonheur (sur Seine or Buttes Chaumont) is a very charming place at any time of the day: have a tea time snack, drink a glass with some tapas, and dance the night away.
And the docks of Marne towards Ourcq, amazing sunday walk! 


According to you, what is the definition of a House?

A House, it is a living and very personal space. A place where you can be alone or not, where you feel at your ease. This is a space where I can also walk barefoot! To me, a house has a smell, the one of the morning toasted bread. 

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