Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I wanted to familiarise myself with the world of hospitality and tourism by specialising in management and marketing.
So, I did an IUT GEA in Angers for 2 years then went to Bordeaux to study for a master’s 2 at the Vatel hotel and tourism business school.

During my studies, I had the chance to work for 6 months in Polynesia and it was there that my passion for photography and video was born.
That’s why I wanted to specialise in digital media when I returned to France to complete my master's degree and thus acquire the basics of marketing for the hotel and tourism industries.

I taught myself everything I could about video production and photography and developed my skills constantly during my many trips and through my assignments for Agence WEBCOM.


What attracted you to the Maison Mère project?

The spirit of the place and the determination of Aziz to highlight the life of the district and its talented artisans, small businesses, unique personalities... I like the idea of promoting local people in a place that’s an intrinsic part of their neighbourhood.


What for you are the main keywords that define the universe expressed in the Maison Mère videos?

Authenticity and sincerity are essential when you want to paint a true picture, especially when the person involved expresses their passion. I like immersion and the ‘real’, showing a human being as they are, without any embellishments.


Can you tell us about a personality who inspires you every day?

I discovered @Gregsway on YouTube. He’s a young man full of artistic talent who has a lifestyle that I really like. His way of life, his entrepreneurial side and his personality are very engaging. Check him out on YouTube; his Sunday videos hit the spot every time.


Can you share your favourites with us; your artistic or artisanal discovery of the moment?

A friend, @sabrinachess_painting, is creating illustrations that I really like.
During my assignments for Maison Mère I came across Hervé, a hugely talented cabinetmaker who is passionate about his profession. I loved chatting with him!
I love the work of Arnaud Montagard, a super talented photographer who captures the ambiance of New York and other American cities.
And finally, @ jonnyjoycephoto… I loooooove it!!!


Returning to Paris; do you have one or two recommendations to share with us?

The Restaurant Bambou; a great place for Asian food.
In the spring, I really like to enjoy long evenings on the rooftop terrace of the City of Fashion and Design.
La Felicita is a must for Italian cuisine and, for a great start to a Saturday evening, there’s the Ground Control cultural space.

On the fashion front I really like Starcow, La Garçonnière, and Sneakersnstuff.


And finally, how about a small cultural recommendation? What book are you reading now?

I recently bought my friend Lucie Brémeault's novel. I can't wait to savour her extraordinary writing.


Thomas Bouron