Spring in Paris

What could be more pleasant than spring in Paris? The sun is shining without the heat of summer, the flowers are blooming and it's time for a walk outside. We take you to discover the most pleasant corners of Paris in this very special season. 


Spring in Paris ©Spring in Paris

In contact with nature in Paris from the 17th to the 9th arrondissement

There are over 500 hectares of parks and gardens in Paris. Between fountains, children's games, ice cream vendors, to do with family, friends or couples, there is something for everyone! Grab a picnic and a book and relax in one of these many relaxing places. From the Parc Monceau in the 17th arrondissement to the Cité Fleurie in the 13th arrondissement, which is less famous than its big sister the Cité Florale, via the Luxembourg gardens in the 6th arrondissement or the Museum of Romantic Life in the 9th arrondissement near Maison Mère, each district has its own green setting.

Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris ©Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris

Refresh yourself on the Seine, nearby Maison Mère hotel

14 minutes by metro from the lifestyle hotel Maison Mère, go to Marin d'eau douce for a pleasant ride on the water. Rent an electric boat far from the touristy boat tours and enjoy a 100% authentic stroll.


Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris ©Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris

From symbolism to street art, unusual artistic visits in Paris 

Spring is also the time for new exhibitions in Parisian museums. If you like street art, the Colors Festival is for you and started on April 2nd! 700m2 of art in a disused building in the 11th arrondissement for fans or the more curious. If you're more into older art, the Gustave Moreau museum on rue Catherine de la Rochefoucauld in Paris 9 is both confidential and unusual.


Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris ©Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris

Stroll around the Maison Mère boutique hotel 

Not far from Maison Mère, the Villa Léandre in the 18th arrondissement takes you to London with its English-style houses. You wouldn't think today that this is a former slum, the place being so out of this world. Take a moment to breathe in this quiet and colorful alley. Speaking of rest, the Village Montholon and Square Montholon will do you almost as much good as a night in the cocooning rooms of Maison Mère.


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