Tea time tarot with Aurélie Féat
at Hey Honey

The Sweet Afternoons start at Hey Honey, the restaurant of the Maison Mère hotel. The tarot tea time will be hosted by Aurélie Féat, fortune teller and Reiki master. The bonus: your card reading will be accompanied by a gourmet snack!


Tea time tarot with Aurélie Féat ©Tea time tarot with Aurélie Féat

Let the sweet afternoons begin...

Maison Mère launches the Sweet Afternoons at Hey Honey, for unforgettable afternoons. Hey Honey is the place to be for a colourful (and atmospheric!) snack.

See you this Wednesday afternoon 

To start off gently, every Wednesday, enjoy a gourmet tea time with a tarot card read by Aurélie Féat at Hey Honey, the restaurant of the Maison Mère hotel. A great moment for parents and children just a stone's throw from Montholon Square. 

Two options are proposed: the tea time one with a pastry and a hot drink as well as a tarot card reading session for 20€ per person and a option for your children including a pastry and a hot drink for 12€.


Maison Mère ©Maison Mère

Why don't you?

Have you always wanted to try tarot but never dared? With Aurélie, Reiki master and fortune teller, it's time to take the plunge! Accompanied by her trusty tarot deck, she offers intuitive guidance to accompany you with humour and kindness towards well-being.

Wednesday 29/09 from 3:30 to 5:30 pm, enjoy a delicious tea time and a personalized guidance by Aurélie. 


Maison Mère ©Maison Mère

What exactly is a tarot card reading? 

There are two specific types of Tarot: the Marseille Tarot of European tradition which is the oldest and the Rider Waite of Anglo-Saxon tradition.

Aurélie will do what we call intuitive guidance at Maison Mère. She will see with the consultant the challenges to be taken up for the person, his or her strengths, the energies at play and the future evolution.

The first step of a card reading is to create a link with the person, for Aurélie it is even essential. "We introduce ourselves, we look at each other, we smile at each other. She welcomes everyone "with kindness and without judgment." Then comes the shuffling of the cards, the cutting and the actual reading. Aurélie always explains what the cards mean because "reading the tarot is ultimately an image analysis". Then she lets her intuition speak and messages come naturally. 

"I often ask to remove cards to clarify certain messages and I never leave someone on a negative conclusion, I have the conviction that even if one is led to go through a hard time, the lightning is not far after."  Aurélie practices tarot with lightness and humour, so her approach is very positive!

Maison Mère ©Maison Mère

But who is behind these pretty tarot cards?

Aurélie Féat is a cartomancer and energy specialist. She performs energy treatments, in particular Reiki and intuitive guidance to help people who wish to go towards a global well-being. She has been reading cards since she was a teenager, but decided to make it her profession two years ago. "Previously I was working for a theatre company as a production manager, so I made a 360° change!" Having always been fascinated by the magic of all that is invisible, it was a real call from the soul that made her want to do this job when she realised that her clairvoyant abilities could be useful to others. In addition to tarot, Aurélie is also interested in the "modern witches” classics such as astrology, lithotherapy and herbal medicine.

Join Aurélie Féat for the first Tarot Tea Time at Maison Mère on Wednesday 29 September from 3.30 to 5.30 pm. 

Reservation recommended here.