The advantages of coworking

Maison Mère hosts one of the 2000 coworking spaces in France - a number which has tripled since 2017. The advantages are many, each space presenting its own assets. Discover the coworking concept of Maison Mère, in the heart of Paris 9.

The advantages of coworking ©The advantages of coworking

Cowork hard, coplay harder

Coworking is a new form of work organization which allows you to be independent while leaving out the drawbacks of home office. These shared spaces are a supportive environment, free of hierarchies, which offer a comfortable workframe but also the opportunity to build a network and make potentially decisive meetings for your career. 

A coworking space is a place open to all, where everyone decides to settle for the desired length of time. This freedom creates a positive environment, favorable to productivity.

But the life of a coworker does not stop at work : these spaces generate a social life all the more interesting that you will meet inspired and motivated people, driven by a project or passion which they will be happy to share.


Coworking at Maison Mère ©Coworking at Maison Mère

Coworking at Maison Mère

As a supporter of restless minds, Maison Mère hosts free spirits, creators, neighbors, thinking heads and team builders with a thousand ideas. Headquarter of a new kind, she is the epicenter of the district’s grey matter : the place where everybody, in solo or in team, can concretize their projects. 

It’s the vision which inspired Aziz, the founder of Maison Mère, to create a free coworking space in Paris 9, open to all, comfortable and innovative : a rocking WiFi, a streaming TV, connected tables and large enveloping sofas.

The coworking café is ideally suited for a business lunch, allowing you to invite your favorite partners in a welcoming and vivifying place.

The Private Lounge can be entirely privatized to host your conferences, showrooms, workshops, seminars and federate your partners. Enjoy the state-of-the-art flat screen to display your presentations, the cosy private salon and the tailored catering service on request.

Coworking at Maison Mère ©Coworking at Maison Mère

Advice to master the art of coworking

Coworking is ideal for an independent or freelance worker - especially in the trades of digital marketing or new technologies - but is suitable to all sectors and adapts to many needs. For example, it helps large companies get closer to startups.

To fully benefit from the advantages of coworking, adopt a mindset oriented towards agility, collective intelligence, creativity and sharing - of advice as well as of the equipment and comfort of the space.

A coworking space is a bit like lipstick or good wine : everyone has their right one. You can test various spaces and adopt the one which will make you feel at ease or offer you the most useful services according to your situation. Some spaces specialize into precise activities like studio photography or conferences.

Choose the frequency that suits you the most. Some people like settling in a coworking space everyday for 2 to 3 hours. Others devote a slot every weekend to work on a personal project in parallel with their principal activity. Others go more exceptionally, for a special project or a brainstorming session.


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