The best hidden spots in Paris

Do you dream of getting to know the authentic Paris? To get lost in the alleys unknown to tourists? Look no further! 


The best hidden spots in Paris ©The best hidden spots in Paris

Unusual and unknown places in Paris

You know the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and want to discover more of the real Paris? We've put together our list of unusual places in the capital!

  • The Point Zero of the roads of France is the starting point of all the roads leaving the capital. It is located on the square in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral and serves as a reference for distances to other French cities. 
    (Paris 4)


  • The Maison Loo, the Asian pagoda of Paris which houses the private museum of Asian art, is a building that was commissioned in 1926 to be a cultural link between France and China. 
    (Paris 8)


  • The Rue des Degrés is the smallest street in Paris. Located in the Bonne-Nouvelle district, it consists only of a staircase. The staircase street inspires artists today with its colorful walls.  
    (Paris 2)
Barthelemy de Mazenod ©Barthelemy de Mazenod

The most beautiful hidden nature spaces in Paris 

It's becoming difficult to find beautiful green spaces in the capital. We've put together a list of our must-sees for your green cravings!

  • The Witch's Rock was once a fountain that drew its water from one of Montmartre's water sources. It got its name from the children who renamed the passage de la Sourcière into passage de la Sorcière (Sorcière means witch in French). The legend even says that this rock would bring luck in love…
    (Paris 18) 


  • The Promenade Plantée (or Coulée Verte) is a green promenade that crosses the whole of the 12th arrondissement and the old railway line that linked the Place de la Bastille to the Varenne Saint-Maur. A beautiful 4km walk!
    (Paris 12)


  • In the heart of the Latin district, the oldest tree of Paris has stood for more than 4 centuries. In the Square Viviani, you can observe this North American Robinier, planted in 1601.
    (Paris 5)


  • The green wall of the Quai Branly Museum was for a long time the largest in the world. Whether by its size or by the number of plants it contains, it is still one of the largest in the world. 
    (Paris 7)
Edward Howell ©Edward Howell

The best speakeasies in Paris

When you think of hidden places in the capital, you think of clandestine bars and restaurants... Better known as speakeasy, we give you our 3 favorites!

  • Neuvième Sauvage : At the foot of Montmartre, discover this new wild restaurant with its secret speakeasy basement. On the menu, Mediterranean cuisine and cocktails!   
    (Paris 9)


  • Rehab : The Normandy Hotel opens the doors of its speakeasy to enjoy alchemist cocktails. A well-hidden cocktail bar, discover their molecular cocktails with dry ice or even CBD infusions!
    (Paris 1er)


  • Mezzanine: Above the Trois Baudets concert hall is the new restaurant and tapas bar in the Pigalle district. On the menu, tapas, natural wines, cocktails & home-made infusions. 
    (Paris 18)

Nectar by Maison Mère

Nectar by Maison Mère

Nectar, the creative and lively Parisian table d'amis, is hidden in the Hotel Maison Mère. A real restaurant and cocktail bar, come and taste the creations of Marvin Landro, our head bartender, as well as the cuisine of chef Aurélien Lasjuilliarias, whose menu changes every six weeks according to the seasons and his favorites. 

Maison Mère - Customer experience seen by Marion

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