The best Street Art spots in Paris

Paris is an artist's territory.

Discover the best places to admire the most beautiful works of street art in the capital, a great open-air museum!

The best Street Art spots in Paris ©The best Street Art spots in Paris

Unmissable Street Art in Paris

The 13th arrondissement

For some time now, the 13th arrondissement has been the preferred district for urban artists and one of the most culturally attractive areas. It's a district that brings together numerous urban works of art, listed by the 13th arrondissement town hall in the form of an itinerary so as not to miss any of them! 


Montmartre is home to many works of street art. Among all the artists present, we find the famous cats of Mr. Chat or the faces of Codex Urbanus, as well as the works of Achbé or Aydar: a real territory of artists... and street-artists!


Kiran K ©Kiran K

New Street Art in Paris 

Art 42

At Art 42, the students of the school 42 benefit from a rather particular working environment. Indeed, the school houses the first permanent urban art museum. A real "cabinet of curiosities", come and discover a collection of more than 150 works of urban art where the students work all day. 


Fluctuart is the first floating urban art center in the world. This place was created as part of the "Reinventing the Seine" project and comes to the quayside for a unique experience, in a creative and trendy atmosphere.


Karin Schep ©Karin Schep

Discovering Street Art with a guide in Paris

If you don't have a clear idea of the neighborhoods you want to visit, let yourself be tempted by a guided tour and wander through different neighborhoods, soaking up the history of urban art. Discover street art in Paris with organizations like My Urban Experience, which offers this type of guided tour.

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