The Dissidi cabinetmakers
partners close to our hearts

Do you know those soulless kinds of hotel rooms that you find all over the world? Have you ever paid any attention to the furniture in them? No, and for good reason. They have no character, only function. At Maison Mère, we believe in unique furniture that adds to the atmosphere of a place and evokes an emotional response. That’s why we chose the Dissidi cabinetmaking company to accompany us on our adventure.

The Dissidi cabinetmakers ©The Dissidi cabinetmakers

Dissidi cabinetmaking;
craft and tradition

Located in the heart of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, the ébénisterie (cabinet maker) Dissidi has existed for over a century. Its highly specialised Compagnons du Tour de France (a heritage trades association) members who are also former students of the famous Boulle and Bonne Graine schools are dedicated to reproducing old furniture, made with respect for the French cabinetmaking tradition and crafted with all the savoir-faire of traditional artisans. They also create fine original contemporary furniture. It was therefore only natural that we should turn to them when designing the interiors of Maison Mère.

Maison Mère - Dissidi ©Maison Mère - Dissidi

A bespoke

Dissidi is no stranger to luxury hotels. The company has already worked for prestigious partners such as the Hotel Crillon, the Réserve and various Parisian boutique hotels. Their team was inspired by our vision for Maison Mère and agreed to join with us in realising this project. Combining a very contemporary Parisian spirit with traditional knowledge and skills and a conception of beauty derived from centuries of artistic artisanship seemed to them a perfect challenge to take up. The outcome? You can admire it in your room and in the common areas of Maison Mère when you come to stay!

Maison Mère - Dissidi ©Maison Mère - Dissidi

Maison Mère is more than a hotel project. It’s a passion and a desire to showcase creators and artisans who are too often overlooked. Come and discover them with us and perhaps even visit them in their workshops!