The epic of Moustache Bikes

Maison Mère wants to tell you today about the story of two passionate visionaries who, almost ten years ago, developed a project that not many people thought viable at the time; electric bikes. Today, Moustache Bikes is an exemplary success story and the company is considered one of the top manufacturers in its field.

The epic of Moustache Bikes ©The epic of Moustache Bikes


Moustache Bikes;
vision and commitment

The 300 m² MONBLEU in the heart of Montmartre is first and foremost the dream of Damien Richardot, a passionate restaurateur. To set up his unique fromagerie he joined forces with Pierre Gay, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsperson in France) award winner from Annecy.

Maison Mère - Moustache Bikes ©Maison Mère - Moustache Bikes

Ils ont d'abord développé leurs cadres, puis petit à petit, Moustache Bikes a misé sur la recherche et le développement pour concevoir toutes les pièces comme ils les voulaient. Un véritable état d'esprit !


The inimitable 
Moustache Bikes

Where did the name come from? The two friends remind us that the “Moustache has long been linked to the history of cycling” and in particular that “Each moustache is unique, each moustache is recognisable, and each moustache has a strong identity”. Their bikes certainly fit this profile!

Maison Mère - Moustaches Bikes ©Maison Mère - Moustaches Bikes

What’s more, they’re also strongly influenced by architecture and design. It’s certainly not by chance that the company formed a partnership with Philippe Starck to create a specific collection. Today, the brand continues to grow and reinvent itself with no fewer than 65 models available for all needs and preferences.

Visionaries, pioneers, enthusiasts, Emmanuel Antonot and Grégory Sand put all their energy and creativity into what has become a vibrant and vital company. All you need do is hop on one of their little wonders and explore Paris!

Photos credit: © Moustache Bikes