The Pipalottes,
the family table of the Village Montholon

Pipalottes : this unusual name arouses curiosity and is only a foretaste of the thousand wonders which welcome the customer in this restaurant and delicatessen shop located Rochechouart street, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.


The Pipalottes, ©The Pipalottes,

Three associates,
a family story

The Pipalottes are a neighbourhood institution established in the 9th arrondissement since 1993. The idea of the founding couple was to offer access to traditional French cuisine, with tasty and finely cooked products. This pioneering idea in the 1990s led to complete the restaurant with a delicatessen store where the clients would be able to find the ingredients that they most enjoyed at the table. 

Between 2017 and 2019, the founders’ son, Maximilien Dieupart, surrounded himself with Carole Pasteur, a loyal client, and a long-time friend, Thomas Cherbit, to take over the establishment. Today, the three associates complement each other to build around the original spirit : they cook what they love, share their own favorite products and work with people that they appreciate.


© From left to right : Thomas Cherbit, Carole Pasteur and Maximilien Dieupart

Maison Mère - Pipalottes - revisiting French cuisine ©Maison Mère - Pipalottes - revisiting French cuisine

traditional cuisine

The Pipalottes’ universe is built around discovery and authenticity. Such combination is reflected on the menu, which changes five times a year and offers a French cuisine revisited by some twists. 

We find the familiar dishes which make us feel good, but they always surprise us with new flavors or unusual associations… As for instance, the Lemon Meringue Pie that Sarah, the Pastry Chef, lays on a “palet breton” and covers with white chocolate with an insert of Yuzu gel.

If your mouth is already watering, check out Pipalotte’s Instagram account to discover more of their masterpieces.


© The Coquillotto, an iconic dish at The Pipalottes

Maison Mère - Pipalottes - village Montholon ©Maison Mère - Pipalottes - village Montholon

The Village Montholon,
the ingredients of a success

As the surrounding Village Montholon, The Pipalottes have evolved over the years while still remaining a landmark for the neighbourhood. For Carole, Maximilien and Thomas, solidarity and good relationships with the district’s merchants foster this village spirit, unique in Paris. The loyal clients are a source of inspiration, as their desires orient the menu while the challenge to surprise them stimulates creativity, always respectful of the seasons and a 100% French production. These signals of authenticity and sincerity appeal not only to Parisians but also to occasional guests, business people on a trip or international tourists.


© The restaurant front at 49, Rochechouart street

Maison Mère - Pipalottes - findings ©Maison Mère - Pipalottes - findings

Having taste...
also beyond the kitchen !

Findings are at the heart of Pipalotte’s history, from the invented name to the products offered and the decorative features. Carole Pasteur defines a good finding as something that you were not looking for but that you found anyway, while realizing that you had always dreamt about it. A finding can also be meeting with a producer or a merchant who transmits his passion. The Pipalottes’ team multiplies these findings during trips across France, outings to restaurants or on social networks.

Often, a finding charms all senses : from the boutique where it is presented to the lovely handmade packaging and to the persons who sell it, in the way that they dress, behave and transmit their messages.

The Pipalottes’ latest finding is the Toqué Brothers who painted the metal shutter of the restaurant located at 49, rue de Rochechouart.


© Gabriel Lenoble - The millefeuille by Sarah Travier

Maison Mère - Pipalottes - a House in several meanings ©Maison Mère - Pipalottes - a House in several meanings

A House
in several meanings

For The Pipalottes’ team, a house is built on two pillars : family and history. For two generations, the restaurant and shop have been run by the family and close relatives. Maximilien grew up surrounded by the neighbouring merchants. The continuity is now ensured by his 15-months-old son who spends time roaming in the kitchen and tasting everything.

A House is also a set of habits. The trust relationship with the clients allowed The Pipalottes to reassure them when the recent modernisation changed a few marks.

Finally, a House is the place where we spend our lives. This definition well applies to the establishments of The Pipalottes, where the 14 members dedicate their time and energy to their passionate work.

Because the warmest homes are inclusive and solidary, The Pipalottes volunteer for the association Croq’L’Espoir founded by Cédric Charreire, a friend of Maximilien’s and Thomas’. The annual charity dinner collects funds for hospitalized children and allows to offer them cooking workshops within palaces and hospitals, besides serving them comforting in-room meals.


© Sarah Travier, Pastry Chef of The Pipalottes


While awaiting the surprises that Maison Mère and The Pipalottes are preparing for you, why not have a meal at their Table or let yourself be tempted at their delicatessen shop ?