The urban beehives
of Sibyle Moulin

Sibyle Moulin opens an unexpected door that leads to hope; the hope for biodiversity in Paris! Beyond our surprise and enthusiasm for the presence of our precious little workers, the bees, we were astonished even further when Sibyle told us all about them and the urban hives project.

The urban beehives ©The urban beehives

Urban hives 
and personal passion

Sibyle Moulin launched her career by studying biology.

Passionate about animals from an early age, she began working with birds before switching her primary focus to bees.

Maison Mère - Urban Hives ©Maison Mère - Urban Hives

After first gaining some research experience, she joined the company Beeopic in 2012.

Now she participates in the installation and management of hives in urban areas as a means of developing biodiversity.

Sibyle is always ready and eager to explain how bees make a major contribution to the health of our environment by facilitating the pollination of many kinds of plants and fruit trees.

Maison Mère - Urban Hives ©Maison Mère - Urban Hives

in Paris

Although we tend to imagine the distressing sight of a poor little bee lost in the hustle and bustle of Paris, Sibyle draws a completely different picture. 

As she tells us, bees adapt very well to our city and find their food in its gardens and parks, as well as on the balconies and roofs of the capital.

These social creatures contribute to the development of many plants and thus to the wellbeing of various species of insects and birds.

In addition to producing delicious and nutritious honey, urban hives allow the development of an entire ecosystem in which nature finally regains her rights in the urban jungle.

Maison Mère - Urban Hives ©Maison Mère - Urban Hives

Our meeting with Sibyle Moulin was a real eye-opener, allowing us to see our city in a different way but also giving us hope for the future of its biodiversity.

It also showed us that the city and the countryside are not two separate worlds and that we can open them to each other, to the benefit of all living things!

Maybe an urban hive will be established on the roof of Maison Mère... Watch this space!