Union boulangerie,
Our favorite bakery in the 9th district.

Union is a neighborhood bakery with a strong concept, making tasty and exceptional products accessible to all. Meet Charles and Maeva, the owners of this beautiful project. 

Union boulangerie, ©Union boulangerie,

The Perfect Union?
Charles and Maeva's project

The Union boulangerie was created by Charles and Maeva. The name of the bakery was inspired by the perfect union between the bakery and the pastry inspired by the place. Open since January, the bakery is a real success in the Montholon Village. The complementary duo came up with this idea 3 years ago. Maeva being specialized in pastries and Charles in bread, the duo started training to upgrade their skills. 

Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French ©Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French

The unmissable bakery, 
in the 9th arrondissement. 

The research of the bakery of their dream was not easy. Charles told us about their visit: "After visiting over 15 rather disappointing locations, we started to give up. Then, when we went to visit our current location, the address was at the end of Rue Paradis (heaven in french). Maeva and I looked at each other and it was obvious. We fell in love with the location". In addition to having found the place of their dreams, they were more than happy to work in the 9th district. Charles already worked in the area and is particularly enthusiastic about it. In his eyes, it's a pretty sexy neighborhood, ready to try and experience new things. 

Settled in the 9th district after only 5 months, they delight the people of all the neighborhood. After a visit to Union, something will immediately jump out at you: the clientele! Family, young professionals, office workers, young and old...  The bakery Union the whole neighborhood. Charles and Maeva don't like the idea of a bakery that is too pretentious or sectarian, their bet was to gather everyone around good products. And it seems more than successful! 

Union Boulangerie also collaborates with the local area. They try to find merchants who are in line with their values to make the best creations. For example, for their pastry the Fat chu Kafé. It is made from coffee in all its forms: coffee beans, coffee infusions etc.. The coffee beans used are provided by a small roaster across the street. 

Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French ©Maison Mère - Paris without speaking French

Maison Mère and Union Boulangerie, 
a hand in hand collaboration

The meeting of Chef Santiago and Charles and Maeva took place during a visit of Maison Mère's chef to the bakery. They quickly realized that they share the same values and approach to work. The idea of their cooperation is not only to supply products but to work together to create unique combinations. After many discussions and working side by side in the kitchen, Charles and Santiago have brought out the best in each other to deliver delicious dishes. From brioche breads for certain dishes, to table breads and breakfast pastries, Union Boulangerie provides its little wonders to Hey Honey throughout the day. 

Charles' vision of a house is close to the desire that Maison Mère wants to instill in its place: "When I walk into a house, I really feel like I'm in someone's home. A special dna and universe that I can only find here." 

Come and discover the fusion of these two worlds by booking your room at Maison Mère.