Unusual walks and discoveries in the 9th arrondissement

The 9th arrondissement, the typical and authentic Paris that will surprise you at every corner. We take you through the narrow streets and secret spots of a district that has become a village. 

Unusual walks and discoveries in the 9th arrondissement ©Unusual walks and discoveries in the 9th arrondissement

Departure from Maison Mère

As a neighbourhood landmark, this walk starts on the doorstep of Maison Mère, a 4* hôtel, 7 rue Mayran. 

Turn right onto Rue Marguerite de Rochechouart, walk west for about ten minutes and you will find yourself on the unmissable Rue des Martyrs. Admire the beautiful shop windows of these unusual food shops. This street was so named because it leads to the village of Montmartre, where, according to a very old legend, Saint Denis, the first bishop of Paris, and his companions suffered the martyrdom of beheading.

Around Maison Mère ©Around Maison Mère

Beautiful square and museum in the 9th arrondissement 

Follow rue Clauzel and pass by Place Gustave Toudouze. This is where you can find one of the district's Wallace fountains. Wallace fountains are public drinking water points that take the form of small cast iron kiosks found in many cities around the world. 

Walk for a few minutes in the rue Notre Dame de Lorette and then in the rue Chaptal and you will find on your left a small paved alley, it is the entrance of the Musée de la vie Romantique. A nice cultural stop for some with the visit of the museum, or more epicurean for others with the visit of the gardens and the coffee break in the tea room. If you feel like it, don't hesitate to do both!

Passage Verdeau ©Passage Verdeau

Church and unusual passage near Montmartre

Then take the opportunity to discover the Church of Notre Dame de Lorette. The church dates from the 19th century. With its neo-classical architecture, it is dedicated to Notre Dame de Lorette and is classified as a historical monument. Go down the rue du Faubourg Montmartre and on the first street on the right you will see the mythical Passage Verdeau, one of the most beautiful passages in Paris. Enter this time capsule to discover magnificent shops with vintage decorations. Antique books, postcards and collector cameras are available in this unusual passage in the 9th arrondissement


Maison Mère ©Maison Mère

Back to the boutique hotel Maison Mère 

The Maison Mère hotel is not a classic hotel either. With a friendly atmosphere like at home, a short-lived art gallery and concept store, a restaurant and cocktail bar, but also a host of many events, as in Paris 9, you will not be bored at Maison Mère!

Maison Mère - Customer experience seen by Marion

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