Village Montholon
Neighbourhood community life

The 9th arrondissement is a veritable whirlwind of activity. Due to the quarter’s wealth of department stores, theatres, cabarets, concert venues and more, there is always something going on. Located between the Grand Boulevards, Pigalle, Gare du Nord and the Grands Magasins department stores, Village Montholon presents an authentic Paris where the food shops have been institutions for years and where the artists are both inspiring and inspired.

Maison Mère - Village Montholon
Village Montholon ©Village Montholon

Le Village Montholon
a true community

It all centres around the Square Montholon. With its hundred-year-old chestnut trees and Louis-Philippe gates and railings, the square brings a touch of history and greenery to the 9th arrondissement. Full of life, it serves as the hub of our village. Children, walkers, joggers and local employees taking a break gather there every day.

Village Montholon is the heart of the 9th arrondissement. As well as the pedestrianised streets where we love to walk, we delight in the community feel of this typically Parisian quarter.

Maison Mère - Village Montholon ©Maison Mère - Village Montholon

Passionate merchants
artists and artisans

Pedestrianised since the summer, the streets of the quarter host businesses that have been the soul of the neighbourhood for decades.

It’s not uncommon to see fishmongers and cheesemakers exchanging friendly banter across the street. We love to meet merchants who are passionate about their goods and encounter artists in search of inspiration or artisans bursting with creativity. You will quickly become enchanted by the unique atmosphere of this small village in the heart of the capital.

You’ll love to stop off to taste some chocolates at the Mère de Famille, discover good wines at Âme et Esprit du Vin or treat yourself to some French cheeses at the Fromagerie Beaufils.

Maison Mère - Village Montholon ©Maison Mère - Village Montholon


Because of our desire to develop a strong identity for our quarter, we will be delighted to help you discover these key players of Village Montholon in the coming weeks. Beyond the well-beaten tourist trail, here you can discover a different, warmly welcoming Paris.

Our mission? To bring together merchants, artists and artisans and promote our community spirit!

Although the 9th arrondissement attracts many visitors with its theatres and shops, it also has an intensely vibrant neighbourhood life that simply seeks to express itself.