What to do in Paris in July?

Every year in July in Paris, many outings and activities are organized. Between the Paris Japan Expo or the open-air cinemas, discover the most emblematic ones of the summer! 

What to do in Paris in July? ©What to do in Paris in July?

Activities in Paris in July 

Every year, there are some unmissable events in Paris. If you are a fan of Japanese culture, don't miss the Paris Japan Expo. The Paris Summer Festival is an art festival with many dance performances and exhibitions.

If you like movies, take advantage of the open-air cinema at La Villette and watch classic films, cartoons or art house films, there is something for young and old. 

The Tuileries funfair is also very typical of the activities to do with children in Paris in summer.

Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris ©Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris

Weather in Paris in July 

Each season in Paris has its own charm but summer in Paris is really special, a warm atmosphere settles in, the terraces are packed and many activities are possible. But beware of the heatwave!


Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris ©Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris

Where to stay in Paris in July 

Maison Mère, a 4* boutique hotel located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris is ideal for a family or couple stay in summer. Many special offers are available to meet all your expectations. Relax in the air-conditioned restaurant and cocktail bar Nectar and try the cocktail menu, accompanied by tapas.


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