Which cocktail are you according to your astrological signs?

Every year in July in Paris, many outings and activities are organized. Between the Paris Japan Expo or the open-air cinemas, discover the most emblematic ones of the summer! 

Which cocktail are you according to your astrological signs? ©Which cocktail are you according to your astrological signs?

If Aries is your astrological sign : 

With your fire sign, you deserve a cocktail that matches your personality: Écran Béni. Strong thanks to Tito's vodka but softened by Sassy poiré, it will not disappoint you. 

Quote from the cocktail: "O my dear screen, everywhere, always and all the time, suck up my being and what's left of my intelligence, what's the use of my head, I've left this world and embraced your trance!"

In 3 words: fresh, sweet, acidulous


If Taurus is your astrological sign : 

Epicurean and bon vivant by nature, what could be better than Calibre Angélique made from Monkey Shoulder whisky with a sesame infusion to satisfy your thirst for life? 

Quote from the cocktail: "O my beautiful caliber, protect me from them, but above all protect them from me, small or big, when my madness takes me, only you understand me. Let's go full headlights and full fire!

In 3 words: bitter, sweet, original


If Gemini is your astrological sign : 

Your “mirror” personality corresponds perfectly with 13e Apôtre, at the same time delicate and light as apricot and slightly acidic as lemongrass. 

Quote from the cocktail: "O 13th apostle, who exists or doesn't exist, luck for some, bad luck for others, wondering whose fault it is. If it is true that hell is other people, who am I among all these demons and addictions?"  

In 3 words: fresh, sparkling, delicate

Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris ©Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris

If Cancer is your astrological sign : 

You have a high level of sensibility, roasted organic pineapple syrup from the O’ mon bio suits well with your skin tone. The tonka bean is a reminder of your unfailing generosity. 

Quote from the cocktail: "O my bio, infuse me with your great virtue, give me your benefits until I pale, I say, until I die of pleasure.”

In 3 words: fruity, generous, refreshing 

If Leo is your astrological sign : 

You love to be in the spotlight, Influence éternelle is your soulmate. Composed of Gin Hendricks as Jimmy, you will set the stage on fire. 

Cocktail quote: "O queen of influences, watch me lose myself, through their eyes I am neither me nor other, what counts is how much you like me."

In 3 words : peppery, bitter, sparkling


If Virgo is your astrological sign : 

Don’t be a girl scoot even if you prefer the shadow to the light, taste Sainte Nitouche. Its jalapeño pickles will make your mouth watering and its Electric Velvet liqueur will make your head spin. 

Quote from the cocktail: "Oh Holy Nitouche, so many categories... what to choose, who to choose, sanitizes my mind and sucks my soul into this virtual world of yours. During these few minutes one feels so good!"

In 3 words : fruity, greedy, full-bodied 

Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris ©Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris

If Libra is your astrological sign :

Just like you, Père Haltère has an ideal balance between yellow Chartreuse and honey syrup. If you are undecided, this cocktail will tip the balance. 

Quote from the cocktail: "O my dumbbell, be quick, sculpt my despair, muscle my shame, protein my sorrows... let the room become my tomb!"

In 3 words: sweet, floral, unctuous 


If Scorpio is your astrological sign : 

Thanks to ginger, Marie Jeanne gives you the spicy touch which stimulates your life. In opposition, the touch of CBD syrup will know how to calm you down in case of emotional overheating. 

Cocktail quote: "O Marie Jeanne, I feel alive when you are here, they can't understand us, so get me drunk and let us... let it all go up in smoke."

In 3 words: fresh, spicy, spicy

If Sagittarius is your astrological sign : 

Your optimism and joie de vivre match with Relique Sucrée for a sweet moment filled with escape and new lands thanks to coconut and amaretto. 

Quote from the cocktail: "O sweet relic, we mock diseases, I need you like caramel needs sugar, cover my life and my excesses with your topping. To hell with appearances, you sweeten therefore I am!"

In 3 words: sweet, sour, unctuous

Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris ©Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris

If Capricorn is your astrological sign : 

Brave and determined, Sainte Labeur is your cocktail of predilection. Special (just like you) it is both strong and floral with fine saline notes. 

Quote from the cocktail: "O patroness of the workers, even under the pressure and the stakes, the meagre purses of each end of month, whether we wring our necks or break our backs, it matters not, for we are addicted to you."

In 3 words: strong, floral, salty 

If Aquarius is your astrological sign : 

Elegant and simple such as the glass of Mère Vapote, your mysterious side reflects in the smoky bubble of this cocktail with Mezcal and green mango, both strong, fresh and dry, with a hint of bitterness. 

Quote from the cocktail: "O Mother Vapote, for small and large, in various sizes, shapes and colours, thick coloured smoke with various smells, I sign with my lungs your exquisitely bitter taste.”

In 3 words: dry, smoked, bitter


If Pisces is your astrological sign : 

Smooth, sensitive and with an almost mystical intuition, Namasté will realign your chakras with its spicy notes of vanilla, rhum, pineapple and lemon. 

Cocktail quote: "O Namaste, fill my soul and body with your pretended well-being, and let all reality around us be emptied, broken."

In 3 words: strong, spicy, fruity 

Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris ©Maison Mère - The bests spots to picnic in Paris

Where to taste the best cocktails in Paris?

At Nectar le bar in Paris 9, come and try the Allégeances cocktail menu created by our head bartender Marvin Landro on the theme of post-confinement addictions such as sugar, screens, social networks, or excessive fitness. He reinvents mixology with humour and provocation around a committed theme. 

Enjoy also our tapas menu, between hummus, cold cuts or burrata, there is something for everyone.


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