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The authentic vintage in Village Montholon

Charles Blin is a passionate antique-dealer who founded E&C Antics in 2015. At the heart of Village Montholon, he eases the access to ancient furniture and objects from all around Europe. Discover this reunion of History, elegance, modernity and pleasure.

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to a passion

As the son of a marine antique-dealer, Charles Blin was immersed from his early childhood into antique fairs and ancient objects. His passion for 19th-century design, objects and furniture encouraged him to pursue studies in the art market and law, with the idea to become an auctioneer. But soon enough, the hectic quest of objects through his travels led him to his true dream : becoming an antique-dealer.


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Maison Mère - E&C Antics ©Maison Mère - E&C Antics

Ancient design

E&C Antics was born in 2015 from the will to democratize the market of ancient furniture and design objects. The simple and well-balanced lines are perfectly up-to-date because of their convenience and ingeniosity, especially regarding the storage compartments. Besides, the furniture that is sold today in modern stores often imitates the lines of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, without matching their manufacturing quality.

A good antique-dealer must have a good eye. After assessing the authenticity of a piece of furniture, its qualities and the beauty of its design, the antique-dealer identifies the faults : the patina, accidents, marks, missing parts… A fine expertise of the art market is also required in order to define fair prices and transmit this passion.


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Maison Mère - E&C Antics ©Maison Mère - E&C Antics

On the roads
and inside beautiful houses

At E&C Antics, Charles devotes most of his time to the purchase and resale activity, between the sourcing, the trips to his foreign suppliers, the restock and the sales on his website or in his shop located on 1, rue Pierre Sémard in Paris 9. Charles is always ready to travel further and further to unearth pieces in good condition at a fair price : the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Germany…

Besides this activity, Charles carries out brokerage and inventories of inheritance for his private clients, in Paris and across all France. He sometimes works with interior architects and decorators on private or professional projects : large houses, restaurants, offices… 

Seemingly diverse, these activities are strongly linked by the hope of finding a rare, unique and historically interesting piece.


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Maison Mère - E&C Antics ©Maison Mère - E&C Antics

Village Montholon,
a well-furnished dwelling

Charles became a member of Village Montholon thanks to a random opportunity. He appreciates the kindness of its inhabitants and merchants, the tranquillity of the Square and the charm of the cobbled street Pierre Sémard, which benefited several movies to shoot in a period decor. As many, Charles feels as living in a pleasant French village. 

To Charles, a house is just like this unique district : a place where we feel good, where we have our habits and landmarks. Art and objects play a great role in a house because they reflect the personalities of the inhabitants and emit a well-being linked to their visual aesthetics, their comfort, or the stories and memories they hold. 

Maison Mère shares Charles’ vision : our interior is thought and decorated like an extension of your house, a space which everybody can own and reinvent to feel at home.


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