Ephemeral exhibition at Maison Mère Paris

In March, Maison Mère is being redesigned for a new decoration as new artists take up residency, bringing with them a sense of novelty and originality.

To celebrate this occasion, an art opening in Paris has been organized, giving people the chance to meet these talented artists and learn more about their history.

In this article, discover our art gallery in Paris and our concept stores on 6th floor.  

Ephemeral exhibition at Maison Mère Paris ©Ephemeral exhibition at Maison Mère Paris

Not only is Maison Mère a hotel, it is a hybrid and evolving place with flexible limits. It becomes your ideal home in the heart of Paris, your home away from home. Maison Mère loves to hunt out, unearth, and above all, to share what she finds. The concept store presents a collection of the most beautiful vintage objects steeped in history, new treasures from fashionable designers, and creations by our favourite craftspeople.  

Maison Mère defines herself as a creative breeding ground, that transforms, dresses and undresses while the seasons change and she offers a home to artists from here and elsewhere who - like here - like to tell beautiful stories. 

Maison Mère - Art gallery & concept store in Paris ©Maison Mère - Art gallery & concept store in Paris

For this 4th edition of Maison Mère’s ephemeral exhibition, Night & Dream come to life in the hotel.

We simply got inspired by the bustle of Paris at night. When everything goes dark, Paris wakes up and the City of Light becomes the perfect place for unlikely encounters. Revelers, sensitive souls and dreamy poets meet on the boulevards, in the restaurants and bars. The city becomes the keeper of all their secrets. Not far away, at Maison Mère, travelers find a comfortable refuge to escape to Morpheus’s arms, in the quiet Mayran street. Under the stars, dreams come alive to tell a new story, and then everything becomes possible. 

Artists of all ages have brought their dreams to life by painting, drawing and modelling the creatures and landscapes that surround them in their enchanted dreams. Come and discover their works in the bend of a corridor or a door and let yourself be carried away by your dreams and those of others. 

Maison Mère - Art gallery & concept store in Paris ©Maison Mère - Art gallery & concept store in Paris

Hallways and rooms have been given a new look, and you can enjoy a range of artistic techniques such as linocuts, paintings, watercolors, and illustrations. From galaxies to starry landscapes, from Paris by night to the Veilleuses endormies, you'll discover original art works by each of the six new artists exposed in the corridors and in every room.  

Our seasonal concepts store, reflecting our favorite artists, is also transformed on the dream and night theme: paintings, pumps, lingerie, ceramics, accessories, souvenirs. A diverse range awaits you, showcasing the variety of our selection and of the savoir-faire of our favourite artists. 



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Maison Mère - Art gallery & concept store in Paris

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