Nectar, gastronomic refuge, effervescent and uninhibited

Discover Nectar restaurant where expertise and creativity meet to bring you a creative culinary journey, offering a polysensory, rebellious and contemporary experience, created by a collective of passionates

Nectar, gastronomic refuge, effervescent and uninhibited ©Nectar, gastronomic refuge, effervescent and uninhibited

Nectar, La Table 

The Nectar collective firmly believes that culinary art should be a celebration, offering guests a moment of discovery and experimentation. We believe that every single taste should be a sensory experience, so we dedicate ourselves to creating an aromatic experience and an explosion of flavours on every plate. 

We select ingredients that are carefully picked from local producers and that reflect the seasons. Our aim is to bring out the best in each product, to reveal its potential and introduce you to bold and surprising combinations of flavours. That's why the Nectar collective works passionately to bring you one sensory experience after another.

@ Clélia Stevenard ©@ Clélia Stevenard

A menu that changes to the rythm of the seasons

Nectar, like Maison Mère, is a culinary garden, a space of expression that renews itself to the rhythm of the seasons. Immerse yourself in the world of the Apis and Pollen menus, a symphony in several acts, where seasonal ingredients are the main characters. Fall under the charm of the green asparagus sublimated with a melissa sabayon and crunchy pistachios, or the delicate pea tartlet accompanied by fava beans and fragrant marjoram.

Don't miss this experience, orchestrated by Chef Aurélien Lasjuilliarias. A gourmet journey through an aromatic herb garden, with tasty compositions and seasonal vegetables that bring freshness and lightness.

@Clélia Stevenard ©@Clélia Stevenard

Nectar, Le Bar

Behind the counter at Nectar, many wonders are happening... Every day from 6pm, Alix and her team mix, stir and reinvent mixology with humour and provocation. Sitting at the bar, you can enjoy creative cocktails or made-to-measure creations, accompanied by beautiful boards to share for timeless moments. 

Enter a world of dreams and mystery with the Chimère cocktail menu. This collection of imaginative drinks is inspired by mythical creatures and fantastic landscapes. Let your imagination travel through the enchanting flavours of each cocktail, creating a new world with every sip. Pharmakos, Agapé, Aselia, join us for an invitation to explore the unknown.

Your Honeymoon at Maison Mère


For a delightful moment for two hearts that come together, enjoy this romantic experience in Paris. Marvel together in the city of love with this festive package for two! 
The offer includes a buffet breakfast for two, rose petals in your room, a bottle of champagne, a box of Petrossian caviar tarama with blinis in your room, a Michalak sweet for breakfast and our love box full of surprises!

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