Who are you ? Tell us about your experience !

My name is Daher, I am 42. I have been working in the hotel industry for more than 22 years. It would seem that I was destined to practice a trade where I would be “visible” because my name in Arabic literally means “him who is in sight”. 

I have a gift for foreign languages. The prospect of seeing people from all around the world and having to adapt to their tongues, accents and cultures fascinated me. Therefore the hotel industry imposed istelf upon me. 

I graduated in hotel management before working for 4 years as a receptionnist in 3-star and 4-star hotels in Tunisia. When I came to France, I completed my training with a professionnal qualification aimed at mastering the art of the French hotel industry (Gerardmer, les Vosges). Since then, I have worked in several hotels across France (Vosges, Corsica, Paris). I have been working within the Temimi family’s group (Belmont Hotel, Maison Mère) for more than 6 years.


What is your role at Maison Mère ? What do you love the most about your job ? 

I am the Front office manager. I ensure that each guest receives a personalised welcome and that they stay happy throughout their whole stay, while conveying the ADN of Maison Mère. I also guarantee the good flow of information between the different services of the hotel. 

What I love the most about my job is the relationship with the guests and the challenge of adapting to every personality while always respecting our home identity.


What attracted you to the project of Maison Mère ? 

What seduced me in the Maison Mère project is that we break away from the hotel industry’s classical codes. We bring an innovative concept and a new type of hotel which will leave an experiential imprint. In addition, we have the spirit of a village within Paris. 


What do you think about the team ?

The team of Maison Mère reflects the image of the house : young, dynamic, multicultural. Each of us learns from the experience and training of others so that we can build an original and inspiring project.


What would you recommend to a tourist staying in Paris (district, monument, garden, shops...) ?

Maison Mère is extremely well located. The 9th arrondissement gains from being renowned. It features several small theaters, the majestic Opéra Garnier, the district of Montmartre and the Galeries Lafayettes for shopping sprees. 

How do you like receiving your guests ?

I like to receive them each with a small token of appreciation, a personalized gift.


What is your definition of a House ? 

A House is a cocoon where one can be at ease and be oneself. It is a comfortable and cozy place.


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