The secrets of room cleaning at the hotel

What happens in your hotel room before you arrive and after you leave ? Discover the secrets of our housekeeping team and their tips to clean up your house like a pro !

The secrets of room cleaning at the hotel ©The secrets of room cleaning at the hotel

From stereotypes to reality

We all have in mind the image of the traditional maid wearing a skirt and holding a feather-duster. Be aware that you have little chance of seeing her in a hotel… Her duster may be artistic but is absolutely inefficient against the dust, which it raises and deposits at the same spot. To get rid of it, the best remedy is a damp rag, ideally in micro-fiber. Another creation of the mind is the bed which is perfectly flat...  impossible to get in reality, unless we use a steam iron, or better yet, a photo editing software.


A well-polished training

Professional cleaning does not come out of the blue ! In hotel schools, housekeeping members learn their job through a lot of training but also a few tips… They recommend starting with the baseboards - a frequent omission in early careers - before cleaning the room clockwise in order to miss nothing. As in cooking, some twenty failures are often required before making the perfect bed. The method taught is the same as in the army, the difference being in the ranks of fluffy pillows, held firmly in place with pretty corners.

Photo credit : Lucie Brémeault

Maison Mère - The secrets of room cleaning ©Maison Mère - The secrets of room cleaning

The little saving gestures

After the departure of a client, the housekeeping members check under the bed and shake up the sheets in search of forgotten objects. It is not uncommon to find remote controls, champagne flutes, passports, teddy bears, pajamas and lingerie pieces, earphones, electronic devices and other curiosities… At your place, this reflex may help you find a lost sock or an unsuspected treasure.

A small object that is iconic of hotels can prove useful at home : coasters. Some surfaces such as marble absorb stains permanently. The only way to eliminate them is to polish the surface until removing a layer. Such major works can be avoided by the simple use of a coaster, which can become a full decorative object.

Maison Mère - The secrets of room cleaning ©Maison Mère - The secrets of room cleaning

The right tools make the good craftsmen 

Camille, the General Governess of Maison Mère, recommends using natural products. Cheaper, more environment-friendly and effective on all types of surfaces, white vinegar and black soap are second to no chemical product. At home, you can find everything you need for a clean up worthy of a professional : old recycled sheets make perfect clothes while toothbrushes are the ideal tool to scrub bathroom joints.

Maison Mère - The secrets of room cleaning ©Maison Mère - The secrets of room cleaning

Use these tips at home

To feel at home like at the hotel, there is no such thing as making your bed : it only takes a minute in the morning for the infinite pleasure of slipping under fresh covers after a long day. Besides, making your bed maintains the quilt and allows it to remain fluffy for a longer period, by preventing the formation of foam or feather heaps.

After washing your bed linens, if you struggle to slot the duvet into the cover, know that you are not alone : even the best professionals like Camille and her housekeeping team wage the same war. As Camille puts it, the duvet has its own personality, and just like you, will live the life that suits it best.

Another good resolution would be finishing the 10 cleaning products already open in your cupboards before switching to hot water, black soap and white vinegar. Your lungs, your wallet and the planet will thank you for it.


At Maison Mère, we not only prepare your room according to the best hotel standards but also fill it with personalized tokens of attention… which you will discover during your stay !

Photo credit : Lucie Brémeault