Where to eat healthy in Paris 9 ?

The 9th arrondissement abounds in great restaurants. For lunch or dinner, discover our best addresses for healthy eating in Paris 9!

Where to eat healthy in Paris 9 ? ©Where to eat healthy in Paris 9 ?

La Belle Equipe

Located in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, La Belle Equipe is a restaurant offering healthy and tasty cuisine. They use fresh and seasonal ingredients to prepare tasty dishes such as quinoa bowl with grilled vegetables, tuna tataki and mushroom risotto. 


Season is a restaurant that offers quality, healthy and organic cuisine. Their menu consists of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Options include kale salad with pumpkin seeds and tahini sauce, vegan burger with quinoa patty and miso soup with mushrooms.

Eiliv Aceron ©Eiliv Aceron

Wild & The Moon

Wild & The Moon is a chain of restaurants offering healthy and organic food. They have a wide variety of delicious and nutritious smoothies, juices and bowls. Their menu is entirely vegan and gluten-free. Try their quinoa, sweet potato and avocado bowl, or their vegan sweet potato and lentil sandwich. 


Nanashi is a restaurant that offers healthy and creative French-Japanese cuisine. They use organic and local ingredients to prepare dishes such as poke bowls with grilled vegetables, cold soba with vegetables and grilled tofu with seasonal vegetables. 

Café Pinson

Café Pinson is a restaurant offering healthy and organic cuisine. Their menu is vegan and gluten-free. Options include vegetable bowls, vegan toast and healthy desserts such as vegan berry cheesecake.

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